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WORLD-BUILDING: Mars and Sci-Fi worlds

After I finish writing Grayden’s Tale (the first book in the Aelon Ere world), I may put that series to the side for a bit and begin working on the sci-fi story that Derek and I have been brainstorming over. There are more books to be written in Aelon Ere – I know what those… Read more »


The world I am currently writing in is called Aelon Ere – pronounced: AY-eh-lahn AIR-ay As I have discussed before, the premise for this world was my husband’s creation. He started working on it the first year we were married. Today’s world-building post is about where he came up with the inspiration for this particular… Read more »


Today’s post continues my series on world-building with my husband and world-designer: Derek Schmidt. In this post, he will talk about what aspects of world-building are the most fun. What is the most fun part about creating a world? The most fun part of creating a world is the map. Now, that is mostly due… Read more »


Another guest post by my husband on world-building today! What is the hardest part about creating a world? Oddly enough the hardest part of world building I would say is the “new world.” So what does that mean? Honestly, the hardest part is taking all the details I figured out for my first world —… Read more »