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And here it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for all week! The map of Aom-igh! This is the map that goes with the first book: King’s Warrior. 98% of the story in King’s Warrior occurs inside the borders of Aom-igh, and a tiny bit, maybe 2% occurs on Roalthae, that little island country to… Read more »


I am currently in the midst of posting a series on the ins and outs and how-tos of getting published. I am doing this series because I was recently contacted by a young author who had lots of questions and indicated that he’s had a hard time finding the answers to his questions or anyone… Read more »


I love books. I love book covers. I do not generally judge a book by its cover. While I do appreciate a good cover,  I grew up reading books by Albert Payson Terhune that usually came inside a cover that looked a lot like this one: I read a lot of books in covers like… Read more »

WORLD-BUILDING: Mars and Sci-Fi worlds

After I finish writing Grayden’s Tale (the first book in the Aelon Ere world), I may put that series to the side for a bit and begin working on the sci-fi story that Derek and I have been brainstorming over. There are more books to be written in Aelon Ere – I know what those… Read more »