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Questions Wanted

Hey out there! Hope you are all having a fine morning. Just wanted to pop in to say, I hope you are enjoying the “Tips and Tricks” series. I have a lot of ideas for what to write about next, but I really want this series to be helpful to YOU. So I was wondering if… Read more »

Getting Unstuck

Welcome back to another Tuesday Tips and Tricks! Today we are going to talk about the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of writing a novel… finishing it. The number one thing that will prevent you from being an author is not finishing your story. This difficulty will plague you throughout the writing process. At some point, you may… Read more »

Just Write It

Last week I promised some tips for actually writing down your ideas. Ideas can come with every gust of wind, but actually turning them into a story… that’s work. “If you want to be a writer, you should be writing.” For me, that has been the single most useful piece of advice I’ve ever received in… Read more »

So You Have an Idea

Welcome to my new series of blog posts that I am calling “Tuesday Tips and Tricks,” where I will be trying to give you some instructional/informational ideas for using with your own writing to help you learn and grow your craft. And, since we learned in “The Sound of Music” that the very beginning is a very… Read more »