Come What May

Today’s ishness post is going to be short and sweet, dear Reader.

Where did May go? For me, it kind of went by in a blur. My parents and sister visited for a day (too short!) back at the beginning of the month on their journey home from Brittany’s latest Nashville trip, and now we are looking forward to my mom coming back for a longer visit in a few days. Yay!

As far as writing goes…

Well, my deadline of May 15 came… and went. As did my new deadline of June 1st. I’m beginning to identify with that quote by Douglas Adams,

I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.

However, lest you think the month was a total writing loss, let me correct you! I wrote over 15,600 words on the second book in the Turrim Archive and the end is so close I can taste it, I just have all these threads to wind up, and the story should come to a satisfying close for a rough draft. I also think I’ve nailed down the title for this book, and I’m hoping to get a nifty graphic to go along with the title reveal in the nearish future.

I did not get as much reading done last month (hey, there has to be a trade-off somewhere). I finished the second book in the Story Thieves series (loved it!). Read Halayda with the Fellowship of Fantasy: Indie Book Club and thoroughly enjoyed it (review coming soon), and finished Swift Rivers and Sarah: Plain and Tall with the kids and was quite pleased with both.

We’ve been watching “Star Wars: Rebels” and are more than halfway through the second season (sadly, we will have to take a break when we finish as the third season is not yet on blu-ray), but I’m absolutely loving it! And I’m going to go nuts waiting for season three as I know THRAWN is in it, and I’m SO excited to see him Also re-watching “When Calls the Heart” and I think we went and saw a movie… oh yes, Guardians of the Galaxy: 2. There were things I liked, and things I didn’t, I’ve been meaning to write a review… so many writings, so little time… and I’ve got this cute baby I’d rather snuggle right now… because he’s only going to be little for a very little while.

Spending a lot of time listening to soundtracks lately as I work on Turrim 2. They have been wonderful inspiration.

Soundtracks 1

Looking ahead to June, I’m desperately writing as much as I can each day to try and finish up this rough draft. Then it’s diving head-first back into Tellurae Aquaous to edit, edit, edit! No small feat, I’m starting to believe, based on what my editors/beta readers have had to say! But it will be worth it. I am not sure how long that will take, so I still can’t guesstimate a release date for this fourth and final episode… but I am going to work as hard as I can to make sure that it’s no later than January 2018. No promises, though. Because as much as I want to get this story in your hands, I also want it to be as polished as it possibly can be.

I’m also planning on spending as much time at the pool as possible. And reading some books, but I’ll talk about those on Wednesday for the Nightstand Books post.

Also, behind the scenes we are gearing up for the second annual Silmarillion Awards, which is super exciting! We have almost all of our dragons in a row… so definitely be on the lookout for more information about that starting up at the beginning of July. This year we’ve added even more bells and whistles. You definitely won’t want to miss it!

And that’s it for today. I told you it’d be a short post. How was your May? Any fun summer plans?




~ jenelle


Madeline J. Rose

Wow, over 15,000 words?! That’s great!! :D

I looove listening to soundtracks while I write. I especially like the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, and the Bourne soundtracks. :)

Yay, Silmarillion Awards! ^_^

I hope you are having a lovely June! <3

Deborah O'Carroll

Yay! Loved your Ishness! (And I actually got one of my own up today… only second time this year. *twitch* My Ishnesses have been few and far between. XD)


Just realized Turrim Archive and Tellurae Aquaous look similar when I’m reading a post in a hurry. XD (T… A… Hmm!) Glad the writing’s going pretty well, and I wish you the best of luck in aaaall the editing! Of course we want book 4 SOON, but it’s also important to get it right, of course. :D

Hmm, I want to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 sometime…

OH MY GOODNESS, STAR WARS: REBELS!!! I love it! :D Or, at least, I absolutely ADORED Season 1 — like, my fave thing evah — and then Season 2 was slightly less fun and then I didn’t what happened/where it was going at the end of it so I’ve stopped watching. >.> Even though I’m curious about Thrawn. But they probably won’t do him justice from the books. XD BUT THE FIRST SEASON IS SO FUN AND I LOOOVE THE CHARACTERS. <3333 Kanan and Ezra are my faves, and I love how they're like a little family. XD It's kind of like Firefly for kids and I love it. :D

SilmAwards YASSS! :D Can't wait!

Be sure to snuggle that sweet baby while there's time. ^_^

Loved hearing your updates! :)


Ooh, I’ll have to go read your Ishness! Yay!

That’s hilarious, I hadn’t even thought of that! Thankfully, Tellurae Aquaous is just the name of the world, not the series… so if I’m careful, it shouldn’t become an issue.

What didn’t you like about the end of Season 2? We just finished so now I’m curious…

I know they won’t do Thrown justice… nobody can write him like Timothy Zahn anyway… but I’m just so happy he’s CANON!!! The kids are loving the series… and now that we’ve reached the end, we’ve gone back and are watching Star Wars: Clone Wars while we wait for season 3 to get released on DVD/BluRay and it’s fun to go back and see where Asoka started out.

I need to start working on all the giveaways for the SilmAwards! Eeep… I have a feeling June is going to fly by faster than truly necessary…

Deborah O'Carroll

Regarding the end of Season 2: I was REALLY UPSET about what happened to Kanan, my favorite character. :( And then it was NOT OKAY that they brought Darth Maul back. Like… just… no. He is DEAD, okay. You do not bring him back just like that. -_- And then, too, it seemed like they’re setting up for a whole lot of “tempting Ezra to the Dark Side” junk and I’m just done with all the glorifying of the dark side they like to do these days in the new films/shows. :P …I may be overreacting, but those three together just make me not want to continue. :-/ (Mostly my poor precious Kanan. </3)


Yeah, I was a bit surprised/not okay with what happened to Kanan.

Darth Maul managing to fall down a hole having been completely cut in half and surviving a whole bunch of other stuff in Star Wars: Clone Wars (he comes back in that series, so him being back in Rebels did not come as any sort of surprise to me) does seem to bode well for other characters I hope are NOT DEAD… I’m still hoping.

Things in Star Wars that fall down holes:
Luke’s hand/lightsaber
Luke Skywalker
Darth Maul
The Emperor
Boba Fett
Han Solo

With the exception of the Emperor, all of these things miraculously survive and come back in later stories. SO I’m working with a better than 80% chance of Han Solo actually being alive after Episode 7. ;)

Deborah O'Carroll

Glad I’m not the only one. :-/ KANAN THOUGH. SO much not okay. *sigh*

Well, Darth Maul SHOULD be dead after being chopped in half!! He just… should. :P (It might not help that that was actually the first scene I ever saw of ANY Star Wars, when I was super young, and he’s long been one of my most-feared movie-villains, so the idea that he might come back is awful. -_-) I’ve heard that about the Clone Wars show, but I’ve never cared for that show, which is why I’m surprised I liked Rebels. XD

I’d love Han Solo to be alive too, but I hear they killed him off because the actor wanted it, so I seriously doubt he’ll be back. :-/

I love that list of things that fall down holes. XD


You are absolutely right. He SHOULD be dead. But he’s not. Clone Wars tried to explain that away, but I felt like they did a rather poor job of it. I really enjoyed the Clone Wars show, with the exception of any episode that happened on Dathomir… creeeeeeepy!

I keep hearing that people have heard that about Harrison Ford, but I have yet to see any interview that confirms that theory. I did read an interview with JJ Abrams who said that originally it was Poe who was going to die, and that the scene with Han was thrown in at the last minute because they felt the movie needed more “emotional oomph” which is always a stupid reason to kill off a character.

Also, pretty sure there was a “spoiler” at the cast party where Harrison Ford was in the room and one of the producers said, “Every actor you see here will be in Episode 8″… so… I mean… seems to indicate there will be a Han Solo cameo at least in the next movie…. we shall see. I’m nothing if not optimistic. :-D

Things and people falling down holes or from great heights and surviving seems to be a Star Wars theme….


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!