Coming Full Circle

February Fantasy Month Banner

Today is the last day of February is Fantasy month, and what a whirlwind of a month it was! I have loved reading your posts and seeing your answers to the hashtag game prompts and seeing the What If tag popping up all over the blogosphere! Thank you so much for helping to make this the best February is Fantasy Month yet! There is still time to join the link-up if you have written any posts that have anything to do with fantasy in the past month! And if you wanted to get to the short story challenge, but February got away from you, that’s fine! If you ever do write a story using that prompt, I’d LOVE to read it, so just let me know or tag me or something when you write it!

I’m feeling a little nostalgic today. Six years ago, almost to the day (February 29, to be exact), I became a real “published” author and released King’s Warrior into the wild. The first book in the Minstrel’s Song series, my first published novel, I had no idea what the future held for that series. I’m not a “big name” or “successful” author yet, not by a long shot. But you, dear Readers, have welcomed my stories into your homes and treasured them in your hearts. The kind reviews, emails, comments, fan art, and enthusiasm you have shared with me and displayed over my books leaves me at a true loss for words. Your encouragement and support throughout this journey so far has been overwhelming. I am convinced that nobody has better readers than I do! And so, there is something satisfying and pleasant about the symmetry of releasing Minstrel’s Call to you today, giving you this final chapter, this final stanza on the same day I gave you the first one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

It’s a little sad, leaving the world of the Minstrel. And, though I don’t yet know what they are, there may be more stories in Tellurae Aquaous in the future…

But it is also exciting, because now I get to dive in to a whole new world (haha, accidental Disney reference). And I am excited to see where it takes us, what stories it holds, what new characters are there to discover and befriend.

Adventures await us, my friend. Shall we step through the door together onto a new path and see where it goes?


~ jenelle


Savannah Jezowski

I’m glad there may be more stories to come…but I also eager to see where you go next!!!


I am glad, too. This is a series that keeps surprising me. I thought King’s Warrior was going to be a stand-alone… LOL and then I thought I was finished after Yorien’s Hand… so I guess it shouldn’t startle me to discover that there could be more stories eventually.

But I am so excited to turn and spend some time focusing on the Turrim Archive! I think that’s going to be a fun new adventure.

Allan James

Well…..I can hardly wait for the UPS Truck on Friday of this week…..since I know that I have the “Full Collection” Arriving. I didn’t want different “age” books in my “now complete collection”. Will send you a picture when they arrive. Thank you Jenelle for creating this Series!


Awww :) haha, that’s funny. Well, I did update King’s Warrior a bit… though not as much as was perhaps suggested. So you’ll get the all-new, updated version of that!

I still need to go through Second Son and Yorien’s Hand before I can consider a boxed-set version of the books.

Deborah O'Carroll

Aaah, HUGE congrats to you on this enormous moment!! *flailing around* I’m so excited, for you and for us too! It must feel incredible having an entire shiny series published! ^_^

I’ve really enjoyed Fantasy Month as well, though I sadly fell behind on the hashtag game, because #Life. But it’s been so fun and I always love a good excuse to blog about fantasy things! ^_^ Thanks for hosting iiiit!

ANOTHER CONGRATS ON MINSTREL’S CALL. EEP. I can’t wait to finish reading it myself! <3


Thank you so much! *flails with you* Everything about today feels a little surreal… I’ve waited so long to be able to present the entire series together, “now that it’s over, I don’t know what to do with my life.”

Guess I’ll just have to become the new Dread Pirate Roberts… :) hahaha

I’m glad that people enjoyed Fantasy Month! It’s been pretty epic and the best/most well-attended year yet! So that’s exciting. Love getting to chat with people about fantasy!

DJ Edwardson

Thank you for putting in the long hours to create something beautiful for the Lord. May He bless and multiply your efforts and grow and strengthen you as a believer and a writer.

I’m so happy for you to have reached this milestone!

I saw today that Minstrel’s Call is FINALLY out in paperback! Yay! My copy is on the way!

And I too am disappointed that I didn’t get to be more involved in Fantasy Month this year, but book release, the flu, and preparing for the conference devoured my schedule like Smaug on a dwarven pony.

Enjoy this moment and treat yourself to something special to celebrate. The Lord is good.


Thank you so much, DJ. And thank you for the help with beta-reading and editing the massive tome, I really appreciate it.

Yeah, my own schedule got a little crazy this February, as well… I’m not sure what I was thinking, trying to release a book and do Fantasy Month at the same time… but it’s all good. Hectic, but fun!

So excited for you and the Lewolkien conference! I will be praying that goes well.

Yes, the Lord is good, indeed.

Laurie Nykaza

The book sounds amazing to read. I just found your blog and my daughter said she too wants to read it.


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!