Down for the Count

I apologize for the lack of a fantasy-related post today. Over the weekend everyone in my family came down with a nasty stomach bug… and we are still recuperating – everyone is on the mend, but it is so far a long, sloooow process. I hope to be back later this week with more fantasy-fun for you, but I also have to start working on some things for the Minstrel’s Call release next week, and I’m a little strapped for time since I just lost a whole weekend.

Thank you for your understanding.


~ jenelle



OH NO. Stomach bugs are the woooorst. My dad just got over one, so I completely understand. I do hope you’re all getting better. Don’t even worry about not posting. I’m sure we all understand. I certainly do!

Just take care of yourself and your family. <3


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!