I got the idea to host a hashtag game back when the Fellowship of Fantasy group did “Dragon Week.” But really, a single week for the coolest creature in fantasy fiction? We can’t let it go at that.

Thus the idea of “Drach-tober” was born. (“Drach” meaning “Dragon” in German).

I just wanted to share the image with the prompts for the month – in case anyone is like me and likes to get a bit of an early start on these sorts of things. Later this week, I will be revealing another fun thing I’ve got planned for October that you can participate in… back by popular demand (hint hint)… and dragon themed, because… well… Drachtober!

Feel free to use the image below and spread the word! Don’t forget to use the hashtag!

#Drachtober (1)



~ jenelle


DJ Edwardson

Ooo, look at you, getting all fancy with the background graphics!

This is such a great idea. I spy a few that I might definitely have to get in on. Thanks for the heads up! Can’t wait for #Drachtober!


Thanks!! I have found that canva.com is just about my speed. I can make things that look half-way decent without needing to spend hours and hours on them. :)


I like that it’s sort of at the opposite end of the year from February… October is such a great month, but tends to get a little too overtaken by ghosts and zombies and the horror genre… throwing dragons in there seemed like a good way to reclaim it a bit for the “light side”. :) :-D hahaha


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!