Exciting Announcement

Just popping in to tell you some exciting news… well, it’s exciting for ME, anyway….


I’m going to Realm Makers!

I’m so excited! I have watched from afar for several years, but the timing and the location has never worked well for me. But this year, I’m finally getting to go!!! Registered yesterday, so it’s even official!!!

Who else is going? Can’t wait to see you there, and meet some of you in person who have become dear blogging-friends!

~ jenelle


Kendra E. Ardnek

I PLAN TO GO. I mean, it’s not set in stone, ’cause I haven’t doled out any cash, but St. Louis is one of the stops on the Texas Eagle (the train that runs through my hometown), so getting there is feasible for me (I prefer trains over planes ’cause they’re cheaper). I still have logistics to sort through, BUT I PLAN TO GO.



Ooh, train trip sounds fun. We will be driving… and rolling it into a visit with family nearby (kids will be staying with cousins) :)

Liv K. Fisher

Aaack, I’m so jealous! I got to go last year, but I can’t make it this time. BUT I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! *hugs* It’s SUCH an amazing experience, and — *flails* — I just know you’ll love it, and I hope you have the best time!! <3 I'll be praying for y'all's journey. And I hope you take lots of pictures at the conference! ;)

Liv // livkfisher.blogspot.com

Nancy Walker

Yay! Glad to hear it is now “official” and a “GO” on your calendar! :D
Looks like it should be a FANTAStical experience for you!!! ;)


:-D I’m sooooooo excited!!!! I’ve been wanting to go ever since it started! So glad this year it’s actually happening!


AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVERRRRR. It’s not set in stone for me yet, but there’s like an…80% chance I’m going and I’LL GET TO MEET YOU AND JUST SLDKJFLJSLDKJFLKJLDSKJ:LJKF. YES, YES, YESSS!!!!! :D

Madeline J. Rose

AAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOOOOOOUUU!!! :D I’m not 100% positive, but I’m really hoping to sign up, so maybe I’ll get to see you there!! :D


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!