Fan Art Contest

Are you an artist? Do you like to draw, paint, sculpt, make mosaics… or… other forms of visual art that are escaping me currently?

Do you also love fantasy fiction books?

Then you should definitely enter THIS CONTEST that the Fellowship of Fantasy is hosting!

I recently got some lovely fan art for my short story Stone Curse… and, I’ve gotta say… it is amazing! I’d never gotten any fan-art of characters I’ve created before.

Now, I personally cannot art (yes, I am using that as a verb), so I am highly impressed by anyone who can. Especially if they can auth AND art… now that is envy-inducing! However, I hear that there have been very few submissions to the contest yet (none in the 11-15 age category and none in the 15+ category)… but there really ought to be, andI might just have to enter something so I can win…. because then I could be an “award winning artist!” and TAKE OVER THE TRI-STATE AREA!!! And because there are some really cool prizes in various age categories.

I’m threatening to use this amazing photo-realistic depiction of the battle scene from the end of Alora: the Wander Jewel… and if it runs unopposed… it will win!


(Yes, that took me longer than 10 seconds to draw. No, more time would not have helped it be better)


And…. you know… I’d love to see fan art of some more of my characters… so… I definitely think you should enter. Especially if you want to enter with artwork of Stone Curse or Minstrel’s Song characters. Because, those are your favorites… right?





Okay, okay, you can enter with fan-art of works by other authors if you must.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 16. Click on the link above for all the rules and details!

If anyone out there has fan art of any of my characters and would like to share it, I would LOVE to see it – even if you don’t want to enter the contest!

But that’s not all the art-related news I have today!

Nope… this is not a cover-reveal. Sorry if I got your hopes up.

Due to Heidi and me joking around on facebook about submitting our less-than-stellar pieces of art… Heidi had an idea for an epic hashtag game! Thus, she created the #StickFigureChallenge!

The goal is to recreate your favorite scene from your favorite book… only using stick figures! You can post them on twitter or facebook using the hashtag so we can all see them.

Stick Figure Challenge

I’ve already done one. Wanna see it?

From my favorite scene in The Hobbit… Bilbo Baggins matching wits with Smaug…



Apparently, this is what happens when I get a three-day weekend!

~ jenelle


Florid Sword

Just asking out of curiosity: does it HAVE to be a FoF book, or can it be any self-published fantasy book? They didn’t make that too clear in the directions.


Ah! Now THERE’S an art contest in which anyone and everyone should be able to participate! How much fun that would be if the entries flood in! :)


Hehe! So far I haven’t seen any more stick figure art… but it does sound as though perhaps the fan-art contest is starting to generate some interest. Apparently, my artwork inspires people….

Allan James

The Art Work is pretty impressive, but…………………I think you should stick to writing the stories and let someone else illustrate them!!!!!!!!!!!

Deborah O'Carroll

This post is hilarious! :D Okay, you’ve convinced me. XD *goes to attempt drawing Yole* I can’t do backgrounds or color and no promises as to quality… :P (Also, mad stick-figure skillz! *thumbs-up*


That may be the most … diplomatic thing ever said about my artwork!

I have MAD tracing skillz… but I lack patience for learning how to draw.

Madeline J. Rose

This looks like so much fun! Unfortunately, I have the drawing talent of a beached fish. Which is to say, I have none. XD And I love your stickman Bilbo and Smaug! Epic! :D


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