Fantasy Month Returns

February Fantasy Month Banner

Welcome to the third annual edition of FEBRUARY IS FANTASY MONTH! Now, with a free bag of cereal in every box of cereal you purchase.

Ahem. I might be just a teensy bit overexcited. But celebrating my favorite genre for an entire month with all of you is so much fun, and has made February one of my favorite months for the past two years, and I am looking forward to all the new fun this month holds.

If you’re just tuning in and are wondering what all the hubbub is about, here’s a quick refresher.

February is Fantasy month is an annual blog-link-up in which we celebrate the fantasy genre all month long! Bloggers are encouraged to join the link-up with reviews of fantasy books, reviews of fantasy movies, or any blog post that discusses or explores the fantasy genre in general. Please keep your content clean, as many of my readers are teenagers and I try to promote and encourage family-friendly content here on the ol’ bloggity blog.

If you do not have a blog, do not despair! There are other ways you can join in, this year!

For the facebook/instagram/twitter users out there, I have a shiny new hashtag game:



Fun stuff, right?

And there is also a short story challenge, as that seems to have gone over fairly well the last few years…

Challenge: write a 500 – 3,000 word short story using the following prompt.

“Getting across the lava fields was the easy part. What I had not accounted for was….” 

For advanced writers who want an additional challenge, try to use all of the following words in your story (words do not have to be in the same tense as those in the word-bank):

glint, breathe, request, fortunate, effulgence, bubbling, book, harbinger

You can post the story on your blog and add it to the link-up, or just write it for your own enjoyment. Or you can share it in the Word War group – find the link below.


Tune in tomorrow to join this year’s game of tag! This year’s tag revolves around the theme of “WHAT IF….?” so I think it’ll be Olympic-grade EPIC and a ton of fun!

I will also be hosting some WORD WARS throughout the month. Specifically on Tuesday afternoons for one hour starting at 3:00pm CST and Thursday evenings for one hour at 8:30pm CST. If you wish to join in and Word War with me (more details coming soon) feel free to come join my facebook group where I’ll be hosting the wars HERE

And finally…

At the end of the month, we will end the festivities with the cover reveal and release of Minstrel’s Call!

~ jenelle



*DANCES* I’ve been waiting for this! What’s better than a month-long celebration of my favorite genre?! I’ve already got a fantasy blog post all ready to go up on my blog Monday! :D

Thanks for always doing this, Jenelle. It’s so fun!

Madeline J. Rose

YAY FANTASY MONTH!! I’m thinking about taking the hashtag game and doing weekly posts all throughout this month? Not certain about it yet, but they are AWESOME questions! :D


Ooh! Using the hashtag game as weekly posts sounds like a fabulous idea!

Thanks for thinking so! I enjoyed coming up with them.

Maddie Morrow

This sounds fantastic! I saw it mentioned on Facebook….somewhere…in one of the writing groups I follow, and had to join. I can’t wait to get some fantasy blog posts whipped up!


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!