Fellowship of Fantasy

We’re at it again!
This time 28 great Fantasy Authors have banded together to bring you an awesome prize.
What prize?
Maybe I should’ve said PRIZES!
That’s right, the winner of this giveaway gets a $50 Amazon.com certificate AND an ebook bundle of 28 wonderful flinch free fantasy novels.
Why flinch free? We’re all members of the Clean Indie Reads Site which means while not all our books are for children, you won’t find anything more graphic than a low PG-13 rating. So if you’re a parent with active teen readers or just enjoy your fiction without a lot of graphic violence, sex, or language, this is a great giveaway for you to enter.
Also, did I mention these books are fantasy?
That’s right! Magical worlds, mythical creatures, and marvelous adventures, at your fingertips.
Thanks for stopping by! I want to read ALL of these!
I have read (and own) When Ravens Fall by Savannah Jezowski and Dragon’s Curse by H. L. Burke and I loved both of them! Definitely recommend both of those!
It has been brought to my attention that some of the links in the rafflecopter are broken. I am not in charge of the rafflecopter and am not really part of this particular giveaway, so all I can do is pass along which links you find are not working well. We’re new to this cross-promoting and are still working hard to get all the kinks worked out, please be patient with us!
You can enter using the rafflecopter below.

~ jenelle



Awesome! I love giveaways!
Just so you know, the link for Jessica Elliott’s site is broken. I ended up Googling it instead.


Good to know! I will let her know about it (unfortunately, she’s the one running with most of the technical side of this and I saw that she posted that her computer died this morning!) Yikes!

Diane Tibert

I visited the Fellowship of Fantasy. I’ve not been there before, so thanks. But the link in the giveaway didn’t work, and I have no idea what to enter into that space to use as an entry.


Yeah… a couple of their links appear to be broken, unfortunately. It will let give you an entry if you just type your name or even just, “I visited” in the box!


I’m going through correcting any broken links. It appears most of the sites are now up, but let me know if any of them won’t work and I’ll check it out.

Savannah Perran

Ooo, this giveaway sounds SO awesome! I love how they’re all ‘flinch-free’ fantasy books :).


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!