Final Five Something Something…

That’s right, dear Readers! Today is the day that the final Five Something Something contest is revealed, and I am pleased and excited to be participating in that reveal. Though I am saddened that this is the last one for a while (I hold out hope that someday it will be revisited and revived, the eternal optimist, I shall ever be), I am excited to be part of this reveal.

I’m also excited that I was correct in my own personal guess as to which fairy tale would be the next one chosen for these collections!

Being a part of the Five Enchanted Roses collection a few years ago was truly some of the most fun I’ve ever had while writing. I also learned so very much about writing and the publishing process through that experience. If you are considering entering, I cannot recommend this contest highly enough.

So I’m pretty sure you’re mostly interested in knowing two things:

1. What fairy tale did they pick?


2. What does the cover look like?

I mean, it’s very possible that you already saw it on another blog. Or that you scrolled down to find out the answers immediately.

But if you’re the sort who likes a long, drawn-out sort of mysterious reveal…

then this post is for you.

Okay, okay, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer.


The Final Fairy Tale Creative Writing Contest

Presented by Rooglewood Press

will be…

Five Poisoned Apples


Yep. Snow White. I mean, really… how could it NOT be Snow White? She just…. goes with the others. You can’t leave her out.

These covers just keep getting prettier and prettier! I mean, wow! When I saw it in my email the other day it almost made me regret not entering the contest this year. Almost. Because it’s not like I don’t have four children to run around after, a house to keep running, a manuscript to finish, my country’s 500th anniversary to plan, and a novel to edit and publish this year! I’m swamped!

But wow, I just need to take a moment and stare at it a little longer. Julie Popova really outdid herself this time around! And the cover model/photographer Wynter Clark did a lovely job as well.

In case you missed the link above, you can find all the details on entering the contest HERE.

Now go on… shoo… dear Writer! Go WRITE!

~ jenelle



Thanks for participating in the reveal, Janelle! The notification for your blog was the first thing to appear on my phone this morning and I admit I couldn’t breathe for a second when I saw the title! EEEEP! I wasn’t expecting the announcement to be up first thing in the morning! (It’s mid morning here now. I had to take a few hours to regain the ability to have coherent thought :p) AND IT’S SNOW WHITE, TOO! I kneeeeeew iiiiiiit!!!!! I actually have an idea for this one that I’ve already started plotting! I AM VERY MUCH NOT CALM RIGHT NOW!!!!! *flails*

*breathes* I’m okay. I. Am. Okay. (Maybe.) Truthfully, my goal this time is to just finish the thing and submit it. I’ll do my best to write a good story, of course, but if I don’t win, I won’t be disappointed. It will be a personal win just to have a finished story in my hands…something I don’t currently have. So. Guess I better get started. :)


Hehe! Your comment made my day!

So excited for everyone who’s getting ideas and starting the writing for this year’s contest! I can’t wait to read both the stories that make it into the collection, and the ones that people decide to self-publish on their own! There have been some fabulous retellings in both arenas coming out of this contest!

The awesome thing about this year’s contest is that every submission gets feedback! So even if your story isn’t chosen, you win! Because 1) you have an entire draft of a story finished, AND you get some feedback on it from the judges!


Ooooooh, I didn’t know every submission gets feedback this year! Even more motivation to finish!

Madeline J. Rose

I’m considering entering a submission! It could be really fun, and I already have a few ideas running through my head…We’ll see. ;)


DO IT!!!!!!

Seriously, it’s fun. And every submission gets feedback this year, so that’s worth it right there.


That cover is enticing me to enter, too! I’m swamped myself, so I seriously doubt I’ll be able to. But ooooh my goodness, dat cover. O_O

These contests are so exciting! Even though I’m (probably) not entering this year, it’s so fun watching all the stories come into existence and cheering everyone on. (And getting to drool over the cover. Ahem.)


I know, I saw it and my heart did a little flip. But… no. Can’t do it. Also, having won a spot once, I think it would feel weird to enter again. Which is part of why I didn’t enter the Sleeping Beauty one, either.

I agree, it’s super fun to see everyone working on their stories, sharing snippets, and getting excited together about the winner-announcement. I am looking forward to reading the collection, and a lot of the stories that don’t win go on to be re-worked and published later, too… so I feel like a marvelous number of fantastic retellings come out of this contest every year, and all readers of fairy tales benefit! :)

Deborah O'Carroll

I love how you casually slipped in “my country’s 500th anniversary to plan”. XD Princess Bride, hurray! But YES the cover! *flailing* I think the one with your story in it is still my favorite cover, buuuut this is probably my second favorite. XD I doubt I’ll be entering — last year was enough for me — but it’s so exciting seeing the cover and thiiiings. :D I was figuring Snow White as well. So pretty! ^_^


Thanks! One of my goals in life is to always quote Princess Bride if it applies. And it does apply so very often… :)


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!