Fellowship of Fantasy Read to Review

I think I may have mentioned the Clean Indie Reads group I found on facebook a year or so ago. Well, the fantasy-writers in that group have created a sub-group just for our little fantasy genre! And they have been such a wonderful place full of new ideas and fun things. They are behind the Fellowship of Fantasy Book Club that began in January of this year. They are creating anthologies of short stories (the second one is underway). And now there is a Read to Review program you can participate in!

If you enjoy reading fantasy, reviewing books, and being able to get new books to read for free… then you should definitely head on over to the Fellowship of Fantasy’s site and check out the read-to-review program. Many of our authors (including myself, though I’m not listed in the directory yet) are offering their books FOR FREE in exchange for a review, which you will post (through a very easy submission form) on the FOF website. To make it easier, we’ve done away with a “star rating system” and you just give your honest opinion of the book and answer a few questions about the content of the book. You get a free book, and perhaps the ability to fall in love with a brand-new story! Browse through our authors, select a book that strikes your fancy, and email your request to the administrators at: burke@fellowshipoffantasy.com

You can read all the details and guidelines HERE!

If you enjoyed the last two character interviews I did for the InterFiction Gazette, then head over there immediately, because both authors are offering their books as part of the Read To Review program!!


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