Silmarillion Awards Special Sale

Good morning, dear Readers!

I hope you are enjoying the Silmaril Awards so far! I think we kicked it off to an awesome start yesterday! There have already been a lot of nominations, and some great and worthy (and a few unworthy, I suppose, considering we do have villains and henchmen among us) characters have been mentioned and discussed. I am excited to see how the week shapes up and who is left standing when the nominations are counted and it comes down to the next round of voting!

Remember, you can nominate and second AS MANY characters as you wish this week! And the nomination period continues until Friday around 11:59pm!

Today, however, in conjunction with the Silmaril Awards… I’d love to make you aware of a very special, never-bef0re-seen offer I’ve got running JUST TODAY and TOMORROW (9/4 – 9/5).

You can get the ENTIRE Minstrel’s Song series FOR FREE for the next two days!

Yup, you read that right. 4 books, totally free. (And I highly recommend you pick up a free copy of Mythical Doorways, too… because you’re going to want to read “Dragon Ward” when you’ve finished Minstrel’s Call… it’s the story of Gwyna and Keltarrka… if you’ve read Yorien’s Hand and Minstrel’s Call, that means something to you… if not… well, it will when you’re done).

Why? Just because I love you. Because of life, the universe, and everything I couldn’t handle the additional stress and logistics of putting together the massive giveaways and scavenger hunt we ran during the Silmaril Awards last year… but I also didn’t want y’all to leave the party empty handed… so consider this your party favor!

Get your free series HERE.

Minstrel's Song Series graphic

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