GODDESS TITHE: book review

GoddessTitheMunny is a young boy working on a ship. When the Captain allows a stowaway to live and gives him safe passage, the entire crew is worried that the Goddess Risafeth will enact revenge on the entire ship for his impudence.

Goddess Tithe takes place during the events of Veiled Rose, during the time when Leonard stows away on a ship and sails to the Noorhitam Empire in search of Ay Ibunda for answers on how to slay the Dragon. This story follows the cabin boy, Munny, and his perspective on the events of the voyage.

I do not usually participate in read-for-reviews anymore. I dislike reading books on my computer screen, and I really don’t enjoy reading a book with the expected review I must write hanging over my head. SO, that should tell you just how very badly I wanted to read this book, that I could not wait for it to come out.

Shorter than the other Tales of Goldstone Wood, Goddess Tithe is actually more of a novella, but is no less rich of a story for its shortness. The tale and characters are woven with Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s expert hand and have obviously been crafted with just as much love and care as her longer works. The themes are deep and meaningful. I also gained a new favorite quote from this book: “Vengeance cannot abide the agony of grace.” A line which I believe sums up the point of the story quite nicely, and gave me chills the first time I read it.

The story opens up the world a bit wider, and left me wanting to read more about the Noorhitam Empire and its inhabitants. I definitely want to learn more about the Captain of the Kulap Kanya, as it is heavily hinted at that he is much more than he seems. And I’d like to learn more about Munny as well.

Goddess Tithe is absolutely delightful. I think it should be read within the context of the other books, as I generally recommend that books in a series be read in their proper order… but I think it stands alone fairly well, too. You could read it first, if you wanted, but I think the story is richer if you already know more about the world of Goldstone Wood and the characters therein. I highly recommend this story and this entire series. Though I only recently discovered the Tales of Goldstone Wood, they have gained the prestigious title of “favorite” in my personal library.

Full disclosure: as per FTC guidelines I must inform you that I received this book in exchange for a review from the author. However, though I love getting free books, my opinions cannot be bought, and therefore this review is my honest assessment of the story.

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I love her covers, and her summaries. I cannot wait till I have time to read them all. They are on my summer reading list.


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