Guest Writer – Laughter is Good for the Soul

When we were up in Washington visiting my brother and sister-in-law, I was trying to work on my newest book (I’ve been posting snippets here and there on this blog you can go here or here if you need a refresher on what the story is sort of about). I had hit a wall (momentary writer’s block) and so I asked Grant if he had any ideas for me. My brother is very creative, and has often been someone I can bounce ideas off of. Here’s the direction he recommended I go with my story… what do you think?


    “Rambo will take you there.”
    “Oh good I feel much better with Rambo taking me there.  You imbecile why would I let some homicidal ex marine touting a 60 cal take me anywhere?”
    “Well, he’s gotten better.”
    “Oh goood, he’s gotten better.  Now I’m all relieved and like ‘cheerio’ let’s go adventuring.  You’re all da da da da let’s go find Bambi and tell him that Flower’s caught the SNIFFLES!  It’s all over the mountain and through the woods from here.  All mai tais and yahtzee eh?  All lead pipe cinch, eh?  All biscuits and gravy? All add the cream and hold the sugar?  Well let me tell you I didn’t graduate out of pull-ups to be bibbed around by some maniacal man suffering from.. from a lot of angst!  All this pubecent rage!  All this teenage mad at my father syndrome. SHAME ON THEM!!!… no… I’m leaving…. and I’m taking the monkey with me!

I think it fits rather well with the overall theme, don’t you? Did I mention that my whole family has a rather odd sense of humor? I love it. Sometimes you just need a little laughter in your life… helps you knock over those writer’s block walls.

I believe excerpts and bits and pieces of First Blood, Bambi, The Grinch (Jim Carrey version), and The Rock were used in the creating of this post… (possible other references that I can’t place at the moment), but considering how completely out-of-context they are and the major changes made to them… I think they fall under the “Fair Use” category, don’t you?

~ jenelle

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