I Had a Dream… Once

My writing buddy Deborah @ Road of a Writer posted about her writing dreams for the new year… and I liked that she called them that. Goals and resolutions can be big and scary, and they don’t really leave room for life to happen or plans to change. Dreams, however, dreams are flexible. Dreams are sparkly and enticing, but there’s no guilt or feeling overwhelmed by not seeing them come true in a set time or manner.

So what are my writing dreams for this coming year?

I’m dreaming BIG, my friends.

First of all, I want to publish Minstrel’s Call. And I am SO CLOSE, dear Reader. “Very close now!” (said in my best Smeagol impersonation).  I have some BIG news about that coming in the very near future…

Then I have some serious writing to do. Because my HUGE goal for the year is to draft books 3-5 of the Turrim Archive. Yes, you read that correctly. I am planning on trying to write THREE ENTIRE NOVELS in a single year! Can I do it? Probably not. But that’s why they call it dreaming…

(Yes, Deborah, that’s right, I’m not just stealing your post idea, but even your gifs… but this one is just so perfect, I couldn’t resist – also, it’s one my family quotes a ton, so I figured they’d enjoy seeing it)

That’s about all I can handle as far as epic dreams.

I also hope to continue writing fun blog posts that you all enjoy, and here on the blog, I am dreaming about February is Fantasy month and the third annual Silmarillion Awards.

I’m dreaming about finally taking some time to polish up my Cinderella retelling, and get that ready for publishing.

I’m dreaming about maybe writing a couple more very short stories for my monthly newsletters.

One other thing, while I’m dreaming about the year to come, is that I really want to go to Realm Makers this year. Been talking to my husband about that one and we are going to try to make it…. there’s still a lot up in the air right now about this summer, but I’m hoping!!!!

What are some of your writing dreams for 2018?

~ jenelle


DJ Edwardson

Three new drafts and a book release? Now those are some big dreams!

But somehow I think you’ll get there.

And I’m so excited for you to go to Realm Makers. You probably already know about a dozen people who will be there so you should have a wonderful time.

I am curious about Fantasy Month this year. Details we need details!


Your vote of confidence is overwhelming!! Truly. But I shall try to live up to expectations as best I can. :)

I really hope we can make it to Realm Makers… I’ve been wanting to go for years, but the location/timing never worked well… this year, it might all just come together.

I need to work out the details of Fantasy Month and be a bit more organized… blog post on that coming soon!!!

DJ Edwardson

Oops, reading back over that, it did come out rather deflated. I think what I *meant* to say was, “Knowing you, somehow you’ll make it happen, come what may!!!”

Deborah O'Carroll

I LOVE YOUR DREAMS. And it makes me happy that you liked my idea so much you had to steal it. XD Hurray for dreams!

SO excited for Minstrel’s Call! *squeaks*

Writing 3 Turrim books would be… wow. o.o Good luck on getting as much done on that as you can!

(That gif is the best. XD)

I’m excited about Fantasy Month and hopefully SilmAwards, and CINDERELLA RETELLING AND SHORT STORIES EEP.

I’m SO hoping I can go to Realm Makers too!!! I don’t know if it will work out, but if it does I would be SO excited. (Also, it would be beyond amazing to meet you, if you could go too! *SQUEAKING MORE*)

Thanks for sharing your dreams and I wish you the best on ALL of them! <3 I hope you have an incredible, fantastic 2018! ^_^

(Also I tagged you for a tag if you're interested. XD https://deborahocarroll.wordpress.com/2018/01/08/sunshine-blogger-award/)



I am so excited to get Minstrel’s Call out to everyone who has been waiting so patiently!!! Eeep!

Yeah… that’s probably me dreaming *too* big… but hey… that’s what these things are for, right?

Getting to meet you at Realm Makers would be my #1 reason for wanting to go!!!! MEEP!

Thanks so much!

Ooh, a tag! Tags are fun. :)

Kendra E. Ardnek

So I realized that Realmmaker’s is actually on a feasible train-route for me, so I’m considering going. $$ for the tickets is still a thing though, so … I’m not sure, but I’m going to try.

Um, my other writing dreams … be able to make enough money off of writing and GiraffeCrafts (which I’ll be launching in full with Indie e-Con) that I can quit my job at McDonalds and focus on that. I have one major publication planned, and I’m hoping to pull together an omnibus for Bookania (need to write another short story and a half for it) and release that this year, though I don’t know when. Yes, I plan to have that available in print and ebook. I also need to write the next books in both Rizkaland and Bookania.

I’d also like to win The Five Poisoned Apples. (I mean … we’re talking about dreams here.) I feel that my entry is sound, and everyone who read it says that it stands a fair chance … but it’s up against so much competition. *hides from the fact that April is so far away*

I’m looking forward to Minstrel’s Call, though!


Realm Makers for us is a bit of a drive, but it’s near family… so… hoping!!! Would be soooo fun to meet you! I mean, the conferences and workshops and stuff sound fun, too… but meeting a bunch of my writing/blogging friends in person, I have to admit, is contributing to just as much of the draw as actually… you know… learning things. LOL

Those sound like marvelous dreams. I hope your 2018 is fantastic and full of those dreams coming true.

Best wishes for the Five Poisoned Apples entry!!!!! I am very excited to see whose names are on that cover come April!!


Your dreams are absolutely wonderful, Jenelle! I love how you’re dreaming big. You’re such an inspiration!

And EEEEEEEEP! You may be going to Realm Makers? Because *I* may be going to Realm Makers!!! :O I’d LOVE to meet you! That’d be amaziiiing!

I do hope your 2018 is a blessed one and all your dreams come true! <3



EEEEPPPPP!!!!!! Oh it would be so much fun to get to meet ALL my blogging/writerly friends at Realm Makers!!!! That’d be soooooo fun!!!!

Same to you!!!

Abbey Stellingwerff

Oooo, three new novels to draft! Ambitious. But that’s what dreams are for :) Good luck and have fun writing! And I can’t WAIT for Minstrel’s Call! And Realm Makers… Everyone is talking about it, and it’s making me want to go. I’m excited for Fantasy February!


I’m with Kendra in more ways than one. ;) I hope to win, I got confidence-inducing feedback from betas, but teh competition! O.o I flip flop between excitement over April coming and terror. :P *has never entered a serious writing competition before or had possibility of publishing* I just keep praying God will have His will be done and give me the grace to handle whatever the outcome.

In the meanwhile, I’m dreaming of tackling the Sleeping Beauty retelling I’ve had in my head since Rooglewood did that contest (which I wasn’t equipped at the time enter, hence why the story isn’t on the page yet.)

Wishing you the best with your stories, Jenelle. <3 I think it's great you're dreaming so big with those!


First, now I have that song from Tangled in my head. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Second, I love this post. I love the idea of writing dreams instead of goals. I might borrow this ::ahem:: myself.

Third, I’ll be rooting for you!

Madeline J. Rose


Eeep, I wanna try to make it to Realm Makers too! I've talked about with my parents, and we've thought about making it a mini vacation. *fingers crossed*


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