I was a high school nerd…

When I was in high school, my friends and I decided to form our own “Dead Poets’ Society” (yes, we put the apostrophe there on purpose, we thought it was funnier that way). We were all kind of nerds, I guess, but we thought we were cool, so being nerdy didn’t bother us. :) We created job descriptions for ourselves, I think I was the Vice President? It’s in my yearbook, but I’m not quite nerdy enough (anymore) to go dig out my Sr. Yearbook to check. (P.S. Yes, I know exactly where my yearbooks are. Does that make me odd?) And, yes, we did put our DPS positions on our “brag list” so that it would go in the yearbook, even though nobody else would know what it was… like I said, we were nerds.

Anyway, we didn’t follow the “rules” in the movie – we didn’t get together and read or write poetry – but I did write one poem as a member of the DPS. It was towards the end of Sr. year, and we were all about to graduate and go our separate ways. So, in honor of our fun times together, I decided to write a poem. I came across it the other day, and I thought you, dear reader, might get a kick out of it:


Oh! Lunch table,

Surrounded by friends.

Oh! Lunch table,

Your face never ends.

Oh! Lunch table,

We’ll never forget you,

Oh! Lunch table

A friend, you’ve always been true.

You hear our chatter,

You hold our lunches,

You bring us together,

We love you bunches.

Oh, lunch table

We love being around you

Oh! Lunch table,

We’re so glad we found you!

Oh! Lunch table,

Our time grows short here.

Oh! Lunch table,

We’ll all be gone next year.

Yes, we are seniors now,

Which means we must part,

But through the DPS

We will keep you in our hearts.

Oh! Lunch table,

We’ll miss you so much.

But, lunch table,

We’ll all keep in touch.

Were you surprised? Did you think the ode was going to be to my group of friends? :) Sadly, I don’t think any of us actually kept in touch with our table. However, many of us have kept in touch with each other (thank you, facebook) :)

Just wanted to let my fellow DPS members (whose identities will be kept anonymous to protect the guilty) know that I love you guys! Thanks for all the fun memories!

~ jenelle

I love hearing from you, dear Reader!