Interview with Bill the Brewster

Today’s interview is with a character from a short story that is published in the New Author’s Journal. His name is Bill the Brewster, and he features in the story As Time Goes By by David Russell.

I arrive inside the story, not quite sure what to expect. I appear to be in a cafe of some kind.  A man approaches and introduces himself with a smile as Bill the Brewster. We sit down at a table and he leans forward, eager to answer my questions.

I’m a little scattered at the idea of a character waiting for me. Usually I have to introduce myself and explain why I’m here!

“Uh, can you please tell my readers a little bit about yourself?” I stutter. “And maybe something about any difficulties you may be facing?”

“I am known as Bill the Brewster. It’s my pleasure to appear in the story, As Time Goes By. I frequent the Rivertown Cafe, where this story occurs.” Bill momentarily stretches. “My big difficulty is drinking and my son, in his thirties, has a terminal illness.”

I nod sympathetically. “I’m sure I can guess, but if you could have any wish granted, what would it be?”

“If I could have any wish in the world, it would be that my son’s condition be reversed. And, I wish that life were my addiction.”

He grows solemn for a moment and I bite my lip as I record his answer.

“If you could ask your author to change one thing about your story, what would you ask for?”

“I would ask my author to reverse my son’s condition in his story. Then, we’d really have something to celebrate. I like vanilla ice cream, and would buy a 10-gallon pail were that to happen.”

I laugh with him as he chuckles a bit. “Ten gallons of ice cream certainly sounds like a celebration to me!” I reply. My badge begins to blink and I realize that my time is shortened due to being inside a short story. I rise and shake his hand. “I wish you all the best with your story,” I say, “thank you so much for chatting with me.”

The world fades and I am once again in my world.

David C. Russell is prolific at the piano, old enough to be a qualified kibitzer but still young enough to kvell over good bestowed by the King of the Universe. Practically, David is a husband, the father of two adult children, and grandfather to two granddaughters, Willow and Rowan. David resides with his wife, Sherry, in Lower Michigan, and he is semi-retired but active. Professionally, David is a short story writer, a pianist specializing in adult contemporary music, and formerly a music therapist and medical transcriptionist.

He published his first novella, Winds of Change, in 2012, and his work has appeared several anthologies: 31 Days Of October: Volume One, by Shae Hamrick (Amazon, 2016) The Power of Forgiveness: A Collection of Short Stories, by Stephanie Baskerville (Amazon, 2017) Waiting for Messiah, by David C. Russell and others (Smashwords, September 2017) 

David enjoys keeping up with the news, short walks, swimming, playing Uno, and on occasion playing Scrabble. His blog, called “Grafted in and on the Journey,” is faith-based and life-based. READ IT HERE.
He is also involved with online writing groups and with, which provides writers the opportunity to give and receive helpful critiques.

You can find out more about David and his author-journey on his WEBSITE

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