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I’ve been very busy here at the InterFiction Gazette lately! Today I am excited to bring you another interview with a character who might be showing up at the Burning Embers Clean Character Take-Over event next week. Again, Kiernan Kane will be there on Tuesday evening from 10-11pm EDT.

But first, a little bit about this character and his book:


Dark storm clouds soared through the blazing red sky like birds of prey while the sun melted in the meadow like iron ore in a black smith’s forge.

It’s a bad omen, Amanda thought as she ran panting and with a stabbing pain in her side through the thickets of the woods.

“Amanda, stop. There is no need for haste. Do not allow your feelings to blind you,” said Ralston as he appeared right in front of her blocking her path.

“That is easy for you to say!” she replied angrily. “William and Maighread mean nothing to you, but they are everything to me. They are my family, and I will not abandon them.”

I stare around at the Great Hall of Dunollie Castle and let out a low whistle. (I can whistle when I’m in the FictionVerse, and I take advantage of this skill whenever I can!). Above me is a high loft ceiling. The whitewashed walls are decorated with oak wainscoting and are covered by elaborate tapestries. In the vastness of the hall, countless torches spread their flickering light over a massive oak table covered from end to end with food that looks and smells so good it is making my mouth water. Large jugs also adorn the table, and I tiptoe across the large red and green rugs to peek inside where I see that they are filled to the brim with ale and red wine. 

I hear the sound of a throat clearing and look up to see a handsome young man eyeing me curiously from the other side of the table. His long hair is as black as raven’s feathers, and his dark brown eyes seem to be hiding countless mysteries. As he rounds the table to greet me, I can see that he wears a sword, as well as a bow and quiver slung over his shoulder.

“Good evening,” I greet him. “My name is Jenelle Schmidt with the InterFiction Gazette. Can you tell me and my readers a little bit about yourself?”

“My name is Ralston. I am a Pict. My ancestors were elves. But I am part mortal,” he replies with a big smile and a bow. “I am a warrior of the Seelie court and the guardian of Amanda, daughter of Lady Murrigen, the goddess of the lake.”

I cannot resist smiling back. “What is it like living in your world?”

“It means to be free and without worry, to live in peace with all beings and to be one with nature,” Ralston replies, still smiling.

I nod as I jot down my answer. “I can see how that would be important to a member of the Seelie court,” I reply, though his comments about “peace with all beings” makes me wonder why such a world would need warriors, or why this Amanda needs a guardian. However, something about his manner makes me ask a different question, instead. “Is there anyone you rely on for help with your duties?” I ask politely.

“Aye, I always have the protection of the goddesses Arianrhod, Coventina, and Cailleach as well as Dryads, Ashrays, Draws, and elven warriors of the Seelie Court on my side.”

“That sounds like quite a mighty company,” I reply. “Last question and then I’ll let you get back to your job guarding Amanda. If you could have one wish granted, what would it be?”

“That people would stop fearing what they can’t explain. That they would be willing to open their minds and welcome the great mysteries nature has to offer, instead of choosing to stay ignorant and destroy everything that’s different,” he whispered and then faded into the darkness of the night.

I stand there for a moment, wondering what he meant by that! I guess that answers some of my other questions about why a world he claims to be so peaceful might need warriors.

About the Author: Ursula Williams

IMG_20190330_161500_089I was born in Berlin Germany, and I am a mother of three beautiful children and the grandmother two precious little girls. I left my home country in 1984 after a successful but very hectic career in advertising and marketing. For the next 28 years, I lived and worked in the Caribbean, travelled the USA, Canada, UK and Scotland. It was in Scotland where I lost my heart rediscovered and developed my passion for writing. The beauty of Scotland, its rich history and fascinating mythology inspired me to write “Do you believe in a world of magic?” And I am certain that many more will follow. I now reside in Berlin but use every chance I can get to visit my family in Scotland. Stroll through Edinburgh’s beautiful old town. Spend time wandering through glens, forests and along the shores of lochs rivers.

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