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Today is the first day of the Burning Embers Clean Character Takeover Event! Kiernan Kane will be hosting from 9pm – 10pm CDT. I was thinking it might be fun to have him by for an interview sometime… let me know if you think that’s a good idea in the comments. Also, let me know if there are any questions you’d like to ask him!

Also today, I’d like to introduce you to another character who will be hosting an hour of the Takeover Event, Mimsy! She will be available to chat with on Wednesday night from 9pm – 10pm CDT.

ArThe-Corandria-Station-Kindle copyrogant Holograms. Mysterious Goo. Fascinating Technology.

“I’ve read cat stories before, but I’ve never read one where the cat in question was the first officer on a space station orbiting another world.”

Mimsy B’Groves wakes up alone aboard the Corandria Station, without any explanation as to where the rest of the crew has gone. Her only clue is a strange goo. Forced to travel to the planet below her in search of answers to the mystery of her missing crew, what she discovers will change everything she thought she knew about herself, and her mission. Can a lone, witty, sentient feline overcome the obstacles placed before her?

“The depth of imagination used to create this book was impressive. If you enjoy cats or science fiction, this could be the perfect book for you!”

“This is an adventure that is sure to please any science fiction buff.”

“This is a light-hearted romp to an alien planet, following a fun-loving character who is unique, to say the least. This book does not contain any violence or hard science that’s hard to figure out; it’s not that type of book.”

“I really enjoyed this story, and the thing that I enjoyed the most was the lovely lesson that God makes all things beautiful in His time.”

First Place Winner from CWW and CIAN in the 5000 words Contest; Speculative Fiction Division.

I approach the house with curiosity. It is a nice house, but I am definitely not on Earth. I knock on the door and am greeted by… a five-and-a-half-foot tall… cat? Her green eyes pierce through me as I introduce myself and explain my assignment. She identifies herself as Mimsy B’Groves, gives me a considering look, then flicks her tail and allows me inside.

“Thank you for agreeing to answer a few questions,” I say. I cast about for something to sit on, but the furniture is all designed for felines, so I opt for standing. “If you could have one wish granted, what would it be and why?”

Sharp teeth show some as Mimsy hisses. “I’d like to find my crew and what has happened to them, for them to be alive and well.” 

I am intrigued by this tidbit of information, but the hunch of her shoulders tells me she doesn’t want to talk about it any more, so I opt for a safer question. “What is it like living in your world?”

“Right now my world is a bit confusing. I’m on a planet where what I thought I was, is regarded totally differently. I’m still missing my crew, but I have at least one new best friend. I still need more answers.” Her ears involuntarily flatten at the thought of not knowing where her crew really is. 

“I see. What major difficulty/challenge are you struggling with right now?”

“Have you ever had something wrong with you? Something you grew up with that was a major issue for your life?” Her tail tip flicks back and forth while she contemplates. “How would you feel if you went somewhere else and found out that others didn’t see your problem the same way as you did? That they were able to view you differently than even your own Mum could, how would you feel about that? I’m still working my way through it, even though it seems to make my whiskers twitch more often.”

I suppress a grin at the whiskers comment. She is obviously in distress over whatever is going on. “What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?” I ask.

“I’m not sure, exactly, what that is. Can you tell me what it’s like? Is it crunchy, and does it come in fish flavors?” Her eyes get big thinking about yummy fish and something called ice cream.

Now I really have to hold back a chuckle. “You don’t have ice cream on your planet?” I shake my head sadly. “You’ll have to talk to your author about that. Okay, last question: Don’t worry, we won’t tell the other characters in your story, but what are your plans moving forward from here?

“I’m going to get another ship and take to the stars. I will not leave my crew missing in action. I think Vashti might come with me, but I still have to ask her first. I also have to see if the King will grant me a ship, or how to get one.” She pushes a twig around on the floor, “It’s rather embarrassing to not have your own funding in my position but something will open up for me soon. I can just feel it when I purr.” 

My badge begins to blink and I know my time is up. “Thank you for chatting with me, Mimsy,” I say. “I look forward to learning more about you at the event tomorrow night!”

Author Bio: 

Carol E. Keen enjoys fresh coffee, hot tea, and a good book. She was published for several years in FAMA magazine (Freshwater And Marine Aquarium) as a contributing editor. She published her first book on CD, called Simply Seahorses. 

She is the author of The Beauty Series and The Corandira Station, to name a few of her works. She currently resides in the South with her husband and family and spends her time writing, reading, working in photography, and being with her much loved critters.

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