The most exciting news right now is that the first draft of SECOND SON’S COVER has been completed and reviewed and is being tweaked AS WE SPEAK!!!!

The second bit of … “news” … is that Ky’s interview generated more hits than Brant’s… which means that Ky is acting all smug and really being rather insufferable.

Third: the answer to the Unexpected Movie Quote Contest was that the quote in Wednesday’s post: “Can’t you understand I love you both?” was from the movie: “RETURN TO SNOWY RIVER” :)

And finally, yesterday was APPRECIATE A DRAGON Day… apparently. So, in honor of that, I thought perhaps we’d end the week by interviewing Yole. He’s feeling a bit shy, so let’s all step back and give him a little space.

For those of you who have not read King’s Warrior yet, Yole spends most of that book appearing as a young boy, but in reality he is not a human at all.

He’s too old to play Yole now, but back when, this is sort of the way I picture Yole in his human form, though I see him with lighter, almost reddish hair. And amber eyes, of course.

And then there’s his other form… :) (found the following picture HERE and couldn’t find any restrictions on sharing it…) Funny story, I always, always pictured Yole as a red dragon with gold wings. Then I started talking to my family members and discovered that they all, every single one of them, had always pictured Yole as a GREEN dragon! I have no idea why. I had his coloring so set in my head that I was sure it was somewhere in the books… so I went through all four of them, absolutely scouring my manuscripts for the evidence that would support my claim and show that I had indeed described him as a red dragon.

It wasn’t there.

Yep, in four rough drafts, I had not described Yole’s dragon form. Not once.


That’s why editing is important, people.

So, let’s see if he’s willing to talk to us a bit, shall we?

Hello, Yole, thank you for joining us today.

Thank you for having me.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What were you doing before we meet you in KING’S WARRIOR?

Mostly I was just surviving. I would travel, try to find work, beg… but sooner or later the people always asked me to leave.


I didn’t know. They just seemed scared of me.

That sounds like a very hard life for someone so young. How old are you?

Um. I don’t really know.

Who were your parents?

I don’t know that either. looks at ground and scuffs the toe of his boot across the carpet. I just… existed… until Kamarie and Oraeyn found me.

What was it about them that made you want to travel with them?

Well, I was really lonely. And Kamarie was so… so very kind to me. I knew it was only a matter of time before they chased me away too, but I couldn’t help it, I wanted a friend, a family, so badly.

At the end of the book, the King of the Dragons gives you a chance to decide whether or not to learn more about your dragon heritage, but we don’t learn whether or not you accept that chance. What did you decide?

smiles sheepishly. I… I think you have to wait until Book Three to find out the answer to that particular question.

Rats, thought I could trick you into giving away a spoiler. Are you in SECOND SON?

No, I don’t even know if I am born during the events of Second Son. Am I?

Erm… it’s not nice to ask the author questions she doesn’t know the answer to.

Oops. Sorry. sigh. It would be nice to know where I came from someday.

Well, maybe I’ll write you a short story.

perks up a bit. Would you do that? Really?

Maybe. No promises.

That would be so nice!

Don’t get your hopes up. Last question: what are you most afraid of?

That’s easy. Being alone is the thing I’m most afraid of. I guess it makes sense, dragons operate as a sort of pack. They need a lot of space, but they don’t like being completely alone.

Very interesting. I did not know that. Well, thank you, Yole, for being willing to join us today.

You’re welcome. Thanks for having me.


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~ jenelle


DJ Edwardson

Such a nice young…man. And so well-behaved.

A short story of Yole’s past sounds like a great idea!


SNOWY RIVER! Ug! I knew I knew it. My mum LOVES that movie and I watched it a ton with her when I was a kid, but I didn’t like Return to Snow River as much as the first so I rarely remembered lines from it. And I didn’t even like the first all that much till I watched it a few months back. I think it is a movie you appreciate more when you’re older.

Ever since I found out that Tolkien first made Aragorn a hobbit with wooden feet I’ve been all for editing. (I think it was Aragorn. I read that somewhere but it might have been someone else.) There was something else too which made me glad he’d edited, but I forgot what it was.

I think Yole needs a short story too 8-D

I think that, next to Brant, Yole and Oraeyn tie for second favourites. Yole is just so sweet! I love him to bits.
Now I really want to read King’s Warrior again. The more interviews I read the more I long to go back and visit all of them. I need to squeeze time in between school for it before Second Son is out.

Nancy Porter Walker

“Return to Snowy River”–ah, yes! I got curious to know what became of “Jim Craig,” so I looked him up and was very interested to read his biography—the actor’s, that is. [I read about him at this link:
I’m quite surprised your content editor did not ever catch that missing bit about Yole’s color! Personally, I never thought about it much…and when the cover came out for King’s Warrior… there we had him as the author pictured him… no questions asked. ;)
I don’t see the picture you intended to show us for Yole’s “human form;” there’s just a block with the words “Tripod” and “” in it. Oh! That makes me more curious to know what photo you had in mind there! ;)
Lastly, what’s not to like about Yole!?! :D
Will be looking forward to your THIRD BOOK to read more about Yole!
[And just to make everyone jealous: I saw the ORIGINAL artwork for the cover of SECOND SON over at the artist's house on Friday! {;-D
Yep! Feeling rather "privileged" here!]

Kaycee Bronwing

Yay! Oh, how I love Yole! I’m re-reading ‘King’s Warrior’ right now (It’s going by verrrrry slowly. I just love being in high school :/ ) but Yole has really stood out to me this time reading it.

Funny, I always imagined him as a red and gold dragon. Probably because, though you had not originally described him in dragon-form, you had said that his hair was reddish gold and his eyes were “like molten lava” or something of that nature. *shrugs* Interesting that they pictured him green.

Yole NEEDS a short story! Or, Yole’s PARENTS need a short story. :)


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