King’s Warrior Birthday Celebration!

February Fantasy Month Banner


Well, here we are at the end of all things… well, at the end of February is Fantasy Month, anyway… and I would just like to say a massively enormous “THANK YOU” to everyone who participated. Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for sharing about the celebration. Thank you for writing posts and short stories, I enjoyed reading them all. You made the second annual “February is Fantasy Month” celebration even more fun than it would have been otherwise, and for that I am extremely grateful. This little blog has picked up quite the enthusiastic and dear and wonderful readership, and I truly appreciate you sticking around and reading the ramblings I tend to write about from time to time.

As part of my thank you, and to celebrate King’s Warrior turning FIVE YEARS OLD (unofficially, of course, as its birthday is technically on February 29th and that only occurs on Leap Years, hahahaha) the Kindle version is FREE TODAY and you can PICK UP YOUR COPY HERE!

And, just to sweeten the deal a bit, Second Son is ALSO on sale for just 99 cents. BUY YOUR COPY HERE!

But that’s not all!

You can use the following discount code in the CreateSpace e-Store to get $2.25 off the purchase of any of my books in Paperback Format!

DISCOUNT CODE for $2.25 off the paperback price: 8HXRWU3B

King’s Warrior – Paperback

Second Son – Paperback

Yorien’s Hand – Paperback

Feel free to share this post and tell your friends!

Happy end of February!

~ jenelle



:) I am probably going to leave the deal up for a bit longer than just this week, as Amazon got attacked this morning and it sounds like Createspace sites may struggling… the interwebs do not like me. LOL

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