King’s Warrior Read-Along: Chapter 20

Good afternoon, dear Readers! Only 2 more days of this read-along left to go. I am sad to see it ending, it’s been so much fun! I will have to do a Second Son read-along at some point in the future (but I need a break from daily blog posts!) I am so happy to hear that you’ve all been enjoying this little read-along of mine! I’m also just thrilled beyond belief that there have been a variety of “I guessed who Brant was” and “I had no idea who Brant was” reactions, as well as knowing that Yole finally transforming into a dragon was as satisfying for you all as it was for me to write! It has just been so much fun getting to read this story with you and hear your reactions.

To my new readers: Welcome! I see that I’ve gained about 23 new blog-subscribers in the month of December. I hope you have enjoyed what you’ve read here.

I am feeling a bit better today, and think that perhaps we are all on the mend, finally! Thank you so much for your prayers, they have definitely been felt.

The second-to-last chapter. The “denouement” and “falling action” of the story, if you will. A few notable things from this chapter, and then a humorous story…

“You weep for him?” Kiernan’s voice startled Brant, and he dashed a hand across his face as though to hide the tears.
“He was my brother, once,” Brant replied.
Kiernan smiled, but it was a smile filled with sorrow. “I am sorry.”

This is a seemingly innocuous moment, but there is a parallel moment to it in book #4 that I am rather proud of. I can’t really say more without giving away major spoilers… but when you get to book #4… keep an eye out for it! (When is Book #4 coming out? you ask? Well… one of my goals in life is to get both Yorien’s Hand and book #4 out in 2015… but we shall see if that actually happens).

Jemson. I love Jemson. He doesn’t really come into his own until Yorien’s Hand, but I’m sure you’ll learn to love him as much as I do. I’m pretty sure Brant is exceedingly glad to have found his nephew alive and well…. as he wasn’t kidding when he told everyone that he has absolutely zero desire to rule Llycaelon.

The banquet. Every good victory should be celebrated with a banquet.

Kamarie. I’m so glad I rearranged things so that chapter one starts with Kamarie, because it makes this scene, almost at the end of the book, so much more poignant.

Okay, funny story. Abbey said in a comment a few days ago that Fortress Hill reminded her of Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, and alluded to the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, saying that she’d keep that image, so long as aliens don’t suddenly show up in Aom-igh. Well, the truly humorous part about all of that is, I once wrote a “false ending” to this book – in which exactly that happened!

During that summer of writing 10 pages a day, I did manage to have time on my hands to have a little fun. My brothers started complaining one evening about all the long/odd names in my book (I think it was after a chapter in which I introduced a bunch of dragons). Anyway, I don’t remember if it was Grant or Evan, but one of them asked, “Why can’t you just once introduce a character named ‘Bob’?!?!?”

I filed that away, and wrote a 2 page false ending to the story in which an alien space craft came down, landed in front of Brant, Dylanna, Kamarie, and Oraeyn. An alien came out of the space craft, introduced himself as “Bob” and then informed them that he was going to blow up the planet. And then he did.

The end. (yeah, Brant gets his sense of humor from me)

I cannot find those pages, or I would share them with you. Anyway, I slipped them into the pages my dad was reading that night, and for a moment I think my whole family truly believed that either a) that was how the story ended or b) that I had no idea how the story was going to end, and this was me throwing in the towel!


Nancy wants to know: Just who is Kiernan Kane?

You’ll just have to wait until book #4 to find that out! (of course, it’s not fair to ask that, as you’re one of the few people who actually knows the answer!) hee hee 

I don’t really have any discussion questions for today’s chapter. So… feel free to discuss whatever you want to from today’s reading!

~ jenelle


Nancy Porter Walker

Correction: Allan James knows who Kiernan Kane is… but I have not yet gotten to read that information for myself! ;)


I don’t think I can wait till book for to find out who Kane is. I’ve been coming up with guesses since I first read it. I need to write them down so I can remember them all and see if I guessed at least one right.


I really like Jemson. He’s cool. I’m really looking forwards to book #4, you’ve hyped it up so much! Haha.
And HAHAHA about the aliens! That’s hilarious!

Allan James

I love the “private” conversation that Brant has with Jemson. I have always loved those relationships in books and movies that show a grown man (or men) dealing with a young boy as an adult…..simply because they (the men) would not understand anything else. For examples I love the relationships formed in “Second Hand Lions” and I love the friendship between Manuel and “leetle fish” and probably I love the friendship that is grudgingly formed between Long Jack and “leetle fish”. Too many other examples to list…….but I love the way that Brant connects to Jemson………in terms that Brant understands and the expectation is that Jemson will understand as well.

Deborah O'Carroll

Waahh there’s only a couple day’s left and I’ve missed out on nearly the whole thing because I’m still in the first few chapters! :( I WILL enjoy going back and seeing the posts once I read far enough, but I’m sad I missed the active event… I’ve just been so busy–meh. :-/ Glad you’re feeling better though! <3


I’m sorry you’ve been so busy! December can be so crazy! If you have any questions as you’re reading and want to ask them after the Read-Along is over, please feel free and I’ll answer in later posts!


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!