King’s Warrior Read-Along: Chapter 21

The final chapter has arrived. We reunite with our characters at Arnaud’s Banquet of Peace, and in just a few short pages, shall bid them adieu.

In this chapter, Kiernan Kane gets the spotlight for a bit. He is always regaling his audience with tales of how listeners throw rotten fruit and veggies at him, but we get a glimpse of him here, in the palace, surrounded by a captive, intelligent audience, and they are spellbound by his singing, begging for more of his stories. In four books, we never do see anyone unimpressed by Kiernan’s  skills as a minstrel… so perhaps our wandering bard is stretching the truth about the reception he normally gets? Perhaps?

Rena and Brant’s conversation. For a brief moment in time, I think I was shipping these two characters. They made sense to me – Brant had lost his wife and children, Rena had lost her husband, Kitry needed a father – but after I wrote this scene I realized they were not right together. They will both find happiness and love again, but not with each other.

The Banquet of Peace is far more than just a celebration of the war being over. It is a time for King Arnaud to cement friendships with his new allies: Llycaelon and Krayghentaliss. It is also a time for him to honor the men and women who risked their lives for their kingdom.

Unbeknownst to all, except, perhaps, Zara – it seems like the sort of thing he would have cleared with her first – Arnaud has another agenda as well. He is stepping down from his throne, and passing his crown to the only legitimate claimant available: Oraeyn.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Did any of the honors that King Arnaud pass out surprise you?
  2. Oraeyn becoming King of Aom-igh… surprise? Or did you kind of expect it?
  3. Any favorite moments from this final chapter?

Tomorrow is our last day together reading King’s Warrior. Thanks for joining me, this has truly been a whole heap of fun!

~ jenelle


Allan James

I love the wisdom, goodwill, and surprise that permeates this entire chapter.

Of course I love the Fact that Kiernan apparently lives up to his own braggadocia.

I love the understanding of Kamarie.

I love the dialogue between Arnaud and Oraeyn.

I love the continuing “mystery” that personifies Brant.

Brings tears everytime I read this chapter.

Any word on “Yorien’s Hand”????????????


I’m so sad that it’s almost over! I had a lot of fun!
I noticed that everyone seemed to love, not hate, Kiernan’s tales and antics. I get more and more mystified about him every time he makes an appearance.
None of Arnaud’s awards surprised me, but I did love how he lauded the four wizardess’. I think I had figured that Oraeyn would become king as soon as he took King Llian’s sword, but I don’t think I figured out that it would be so quickly! One thing that perplexed me about the crowning scene was that Arnaud had spent much of the book wishing he weren’t king and it almost seems as if he takes the first opportunity of “getting rid of” his crown. Now, knowing his personality I think that was probably the furthest thing from his mind, but I still find it a bit interesting that he would give up his crown to someone who equally seemed to not want it. I do think, however, that Oraeyn will make a wonderful king and will grow to love the office once he gets used to the idea. He seems more fitted for the throne than Arnaud somehow… maybe because of the sword of Llian. Does this make him some distant relative of Karamie, then? Hopefully not too close, or their Ship might sink! Haha.


This was my favourite chapter….I think. I can’t pick though between this and the last one. Actually, I shall correct any favourite statements and tie this and the last one.

The honor that really surprised me, even though I knew it was coming because of the sword, was Arnaud naming Oraeyn his heir and crowning him king. I loved that part. I also loved Arnaud and Brant’s brother moment. It made me tear up this time.

It is sad that this is the last chapter. It is an amazing ending, but sad to say goodbye for the time being.

How did you come up with the characters names?

Nancy Porter Walker

When Justan was named the new “King’s Warrior,” that surprised me most because I couldn’t remember where in the book he had even been mentioned! I was like, “Justan? Who is THAT?!” ;)
I had to do a search and discovered he was previously only mentioned once in this book by name on page 81! So my curiosity is piqued as to how he and King Oraeyn are going to work together in future adventures.
I’m also curious about what will happen to King Arnaud and his wife Zara now. As much as he wants to just be a simple farmer, I can’t quite picture it, especially with a wizardess as his wife! :)
It’s been fun reading along on King’s Warrior!


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