King’s Warrior Sale!

There are just so many exciting things going on this week! In addition to participating in the AUTHOR SHOUT COVER WARS (make sure you swing by and vote for King’s Warrior if you haven’t already today, you can vote once every 24 hours!), today, King’s Warrior will be featured as OnlineBookClub’s book of the day!

It is also being featured on ReadCheaply and Fussy Librarian and is available on Kindle for Absolutely Free! Make sure you get your copy if you don’t have one yet, and tell any of your fantasy-loving friends!


It will be free today (April 26), tomorrow (April 27), and Saturday (April 30)! Throughout the week it will also be featured on EreaderNewsToday, FreeBooksy and Book Barbarian. All of which are exciting. Hopefully I can get some visibility and returns on my investment. We shall see.

Either way, however, I’m working on this first pass of edits for Minstrel’s Call, and may even hit my projected goal of having this round of edits finished by the end of April. I got a little behind, though, so I may not be quite there, but I’m very close!

Hopefully I can also get some more fun blog posts up and ready for the near future… and keep an eye out come June for how you can be part of this year’s Silmarillion Awards! (details coming soon!)

~ jenelle


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