March Ishness

March marched on… and April snuck up on me unawares. Thankfully, we have a remedy for that. It’s called ISHNESS! A meme created by Deborah O’Carroll over at Road of a Writer


It’s been a good, hard, long, rough, wonderful, awful month. That about sums it up pretty well. Someone in my family has been sick pretty much constantly throughout the second half of the month, and I fear that I’m coming down with it now.

However, it’s also been a good month. We seem to have accepted and dealt with the time change, finally, and the sun is shining a bit more consistently. After a few days of sunny, 60, spring-like weather, we had a marvelous moment of Winter’s Last(??) Hurrah right before Easter in a spectacular, swirling blizzard. This, coming on the heels of reading about a “Sugar Snow” in Little House in the Big Woods, was really a fun moment of literature and history come to life.

Brittany’s Leavin’ Home album had a lovely release and we in the Stormcave are all super thrilled that this album of beautiful, fun music is now available to the world.

We finally got bikes for our children. Yep, Leiana’s 7 and only just now getting her first bike. Don’t judge. I blame this lapse on NC’s summers and hills. They are super thrilled to have “real” bikes and have been outside practicing every chance they get (of course, it’s been raining a lot lately, so they haven’t gotten much time on their new bikes… but now that Spring is here, hopefully the nice days for playing outside will get more plentiful.


I should just label this “editing” for now and be done with it. But, I’ve made a lot of good progress on this first pass of content edits through Minstrel’s Call. Lots of good notes. Lots of rewrites, but nothing quite as major as Yorien’s Hand had to go through (I had to basically rearrange the entire story… that was fun). I finally made it past the 100-page mark, which always just feels like a major achievement to me. That’s kind of when the uphill slogging ends and I start to find my stride.


Mostly beta-reading this month, which is different. I don’t do a lot of beta-reading, but these two projects have been extremely delightful (I finished one and am nearly half-way done with the other). I won’t say much more about them, because: beta-reading. But I will say that it’s been a pleasure to read these projects and I’m excited about seeing what happens with them upon completion!


I am trying to slowly introduce our children to movies that aren’t animated. I have nothing against animated movies, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that there are such wonderful live-action movies out there, too, and I’d like to be able to watch a few of them now and then… without having to wait for my kiddos to go to bed first. Also, one can only watch so many animated movies over and over again before one begins to go a little crazy.

Anyway, this month, we watched Sky High (one of my favorite cheesy ridiculous movies, and Kurt Russell’s greatest movie ever (okay, maybe not… but still, it makes me laugh so hard)), and I introduced the kids to The Sound of Music (we haven’t finished it yet, but they are really loving it, which makes my heart happy), and The Princess Diaries (which I think was a little over their heads, but they seemed to enjoy it ok).

Derek and I were supposed to go see Batman Five Superman, but decided to postpone until next weekend because we didn’t want to give our coughs to a babysitter. (I know it’s Batman V Superman, but it’s a dumb name, and that’s now how you abbreviate “versus” and I’m a nerd, so just go with it, k?)

April Plans

My current goal is to finish this round of editing by April 29th and send the book off to beta readers and my line editor in the early part of May. Also, we’re going back “home” to Raleigh for a visit at the beginning of May, so that gives me yet another reason to accomplish this goal.

How was your March? Any big plans for April?

~ jenelle


DJ Edwardson

100! Woot! Congrats on getting there. Editing is exhausting, isn’t it? I’m still recovering from 3-4 months of long hard editing. Physically and mentally it just is extremely taxing.

Have you read the reviews for the Batman/Superman mashup? It sounds like this one is pretty awful. Superman is actually my all-time favorite superhero, but Clark Kent and Lois Lane living together? I think not. I say give it a pass and see Miracles of Heaven or Risen instead. Just a friendly suggestion!

But “Sound of Music”, ah, now that’s a real movie! Interesting side fact: Sound of Music is the #3 movie of all time when adjusted for inflation. Pretty cool. Have you tried Mary Poppins? Seems like a logical next step. My kids really enjoyed that one as well. Sort of half animated, but all the good parts are the live action ones.

Thanks for sharing this update!


Thanks! Yes, it is exhausting, especially for that first 100 pages, but I have a mental “switch” that seems to flip at that mark (or the “quarter mark” if it’s a shorter work like Stone Curse was) and then everything just seems less daunting and more fun.

I haven’t read the Batman v Superman reviews. I know a lot of people hated it… but my brother enjoyed it, and I tend to like the same sorts of movies he does. Batman is my all-time favorite super hero, and I really like Ben Affleck, as well, so we’ll probably go see it anyway. I’m not expecting to be “Marvel Avengers” wowed, but I think it will be a fun romp. We’ll see. (Yeah, I’m not going to convince my husband to see either of those suggestions in theaters. We save our “theater money” strictly for action movies) haha. I enjoy dramas, but I’m kind of picky about them… he consents to watch dramas with me occasionally. Thankfully, we both love action, fantasy, and sci-fi, so we’re generally pretty happy watching movies together… unless I’m in a random rom-com mood (which tends to be frustrating for everyone because the number of those that are “clean” is pretty low).

Anyway. Yes! We have watched Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with the kids as well, and they loved both of them! Also the old Pete’s Dragon, which they enjoyed and my husband cringed through. LOL And Neverending Story, which the kids adored, much to my delight. And Star Wars: A New Hope, which they tolerated. Maybe a bit too young and girly for that one yet. I have high hopes for Brantland on that one. :)


I used to LOVE “Sky High.” There was this time where it seemed that I watched at least part of it for days. Haven’t seen it in years now, but now I want to. “The Sound of Music” is another awesome movie, and another one that I should re-watch soon. And “The Princess Diaries…” One of my favorite films as a kid, and the sequel was fun, too. Did you hear the rumors that they might be doing a 3rd movie?

Good job on getting some editing done! And I hope you’ll have a fun visit to our state. It’s a great time of year to come if you want to avoid being melted/scroched by the late-spring and summer heat. :-D


You’re in NC? We just moved to WI from NC after living in Raleigh for 9.5 years. We love it and miss it (but I’m not going to miss the 90+ degree summers).

I had not heard anything about a 3rd Princess Diaries movie. Would it still be Anne Hathaway? I feel like she’s getting too old to play the role… but I can’t imagine another sequel without her!


Yay for editing! Not really the funnest (is that a word?) thing in the world, but still. :)

I used to LOVE Sky High. I mean, kids who have superpowers and go to a super school? Yes please. ^_^ I only remember watching The Sound of Music once or twice when I was younger, but I still sing the songs all. the. time. Also, Princess Diaries is great. <3

Thanks for sharing! :D


Grammatically, “funnest” is not a word. You can say “most fun” though :) now if something is hilarious, you can say it’s the “funniest thing ever.”

Thanks for stopping by! I do enjoy editing, though I prefer the more creative process of drafting! Looking forward to getting to do some of that in May! :)


Sky High! That used to be a favorite with me and our pastor’s kids. I remember many happy Sunday afternoons at their house watching that movie and eating grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.
I hope you and your family feel better soon!


Sounds like some happy memories :)

Thank you! I think we’re mostly on the mend, now… there’s light at the end of the tunnel, anyway.

Rawls E. Fantasy

So the blast of winter hit you guys too?
I was so bummed. Buds were appearing on trees, and the first flowers came up, and then WHAM! Snow buried it all. *sigh* It’s still cold here…

Congrats on getting 100 pages of Minstrel’s Call revised! That’s awesome!
I’m trekking through draft #4 of V.Chronicles at the moment.

I was wondering why they kept showing it as Batman V Superman, like…what is the “V”? It’s versus, hellooo. Haha, so yeah, I get your frustration. Have you seen the movie yet? I’m debating whether I should or not.

Sounds like you had a productive March. My March was semi-productive. But this month I’m participating in the AtoZChallenge and it’s been fun but a challenge so far. :)


Yep! We keep getting random blasts of winter still! The weather appears to be hanging on a yo-yo… which I enjoy… though I know I’m in the minority there! We’ve got daffodils popping up all over town, though, so I think Spring may be creeping in slowly… and unlike in the past 9 years… I actually got a real winter, so I’m cool with Spring showing up anytime!

Thank you!
Happy editing to you, as well!

We have not gotten to see the Batman/Superman movie yet… our plans keep getting postponed due to illness. We were supposed to go last night, but our babysitter got a fever, so we’re going to try again next weekend! I’ve heard lots of mixed reviews, most bad, but again, I’m not expecting much… I really enjoyed Man of Steel, and I like Ben Affleck, and Batman is always awesome, so I’m guessing I’ll enjoy it even if it’s mediocre.

I’ve seen your A-Z posts going up! I’m enjoying them (I’m bad at leaving comments, sorry). Have fun with that! I did the A-Z challenge a few years ago and it was super fun! Haven’t managed to work it into the schedule since, sadly… maybe next year! :)

Rawls E. Fantasy

We don’t have daffodils yet, *sniffle*. It’s been so cold though, I think they’d freeze if they did bloom.

I keep hearing people are getting sick these past several weeks. It must be that season. I hope she’s feeling better.
Was Zootopia good? The adds for it looked cute.

Oh I’m glad you’re enjoying them! It’s been a challenge going from 2 posts a week to 6 posts a week, haha. I hope I’ll have time for it next year, but it is a lot. I know what you mean. :)


I was surprised to see daffodils so early… but they seem to be surviving the random arctic blasts we’ve gotten, and now we’ve even gotten up into the 70s a little bit, so spring seems to be here.

Um… nobody here is sick (for the first time in months! hooray!) and we haven’t seen zootopia. LOL


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!