Marketing, Star Wars, Pop, and Advice… Final Vlog Installment!

Welcome to the fourth and FINAL installment of my vlog! I can’t believe I made it this far! Thanks for your questions, for watching, and for all your kind comments. This was one of those somewhat terrifying things for me, but I discovered that it was actually rather fun. I would not be averse to doing it again someday.



0:34 – How do I market my books as an Indie Author?
3:36 – If I could enter any fiction world, which one would I choose?
4:59 – Which Star Wars movie is my favorite?
5:26 – What is my favorite real-life adventure?
8:07 – Do I call it “Pop” or “Soda”?
9:13 – What does my publishing process look like?
13:03 – Do I have any writing advice?


Thanks for watching! See you next year!

~ jenelle


Christine Smith

I’m sad these are over, but I’ve enjoyed them so, so much!!!

You are so brave to jump off a cliff into a freezing river. o.o And twice at that! I don’t think I’d ever get the nerve. Lol.

I really enjoyed hearing about your publishing process and how many times you get it read through and such. It’s always fascinating to see how each author gets their books ready for publishing, and helps me know what all I need to do! And your writing advice is spot on! Write what you love and read a lot–that’s the very key to writing, I firmly believe. And goodness yes, that comparison game is a dangerous place to be. I fall into it too, too often, and have to reel myself out. Thank you for your beautiful words.

And thank you so much for sharing these! It’s been a blast! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! <333


Thanks for watching them!! :) Sorry they were so long. Next time I try this, I’m going to try to keep them under the 10 minute mark. LOL

I like cold water. I didn’t know exactly HOW cold the water was until I hit it… but after doing it once, it felt a little surreal so I had to do it again to make sure it had actually happened. That probably doesn’t make sense… Brant was only 9 months old, and I think I was still suffering from major sleep deprivation. (I couldn’t sleep for days afterwards, because I kept having half-asleep nightmares about hitting my head on the rocks and all the worst-case scenarios my brain could come up with as I fell asleep… which would then jolt me awake).

You are welcome! Happy New Year!


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!