Meet the Team Tuesday: Brittany

Today’s team member is also related to me… because you couldn’t tell from the picture… :) Brittany is my sister, and perhaps the biggest fan I have. I know she has read all four of my books far more times than I have, and if she were to become a teacher and give a class on my books, I might possibly fail that class!

Besides being my number 1 reader Brittany is a super-talented artist in her own right as a musician. Together, we are teaming up to turn some of the poems that I have written within my books into actual songs. She has undertaken the task of putting the lyrics I have written to music, and I very much look forward to hearing what she comes up with!

One of the things that is so special about this team and family that God has blessed me with is that we all have particular talents, and it is really fun to see what happens when we weave all those talents together. My words; Angelina’s art; Brittany’s voice; Derek, Grant, and Evan’s business skills… this book is incorporating all of them and I can’t think of a project that I would rather work on, than one where not only my work is featured, but all of their talents are featured as well.

~ jenelle

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