Meet the Team Tuesday: Evan

Today’s team member is my brother, Evan. He has had many roles throughout the process of my novel’s life. He was among my first audience as I wrote the book and our dad would read it out loud to the entire family each night. He and Grant, my other brother, gave me helpful advice throughout that creative process such as, “Can’t you give someone a normal name… like Bob?” Or, “I think it would be great if an alien spaceship landed right now and blew up the entire planet.” (Very helpful, as my books are fantasy, and not sci-fi… and there are no aliens in my world… but maybe I’ll write a sci-fi someday and use their ideas).

He has since graduated from “snarky-adviser” to being my interior-layout-designer, and is putting together what the inside of my book will look like: Fonts, margins, headers, page numbers, all that detail-oriented stuff that I don’t have an eye for, or the tools to create here at home.

He is also the logo-designer for our company, and a lot of the driving force behind getting our new company up and running. The company will start out by primarily promoting my books, but eventually we hope to represent my sister’s music, Evan’s movies, and perhaps even Evan’s making of my books into movies. Someday.

But beyond all that, this guy is my brother, and one of my very best friends.

~ jenelle

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