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I have something truly special to share with you today, dear Reader! Today, I want to introduce you to my cover artist and show you a little glimpse behind the scenes into the tremendous effort that goes into putting these book covers together. So, without further ado, let me introduce: Angelina Walker, my cover artist!

And now, the time has come.

In approximately two weeks, Minstrel’s Call is releasing.

And that means, that it is HIGH TIME I showed you all what it will look like!

But first, what is this book about?

Because I’m mean like that.


War threatens. The game board is set. But the Minstrel is missing…

Advancing his growing power, the Dread Prince breaks free of his prison and brings a faction of dragons under his control, stirring unrest and hatred in the newly united kingdoms of Tellurae Aquaous.

When the dragon wards of Kallayohm are targeted in a ruthless attack, the High King travels there to administer justice. But the trial results in a crippling blow that leaves him reeling.

On the heels of defeat, an unexpected message from the erstwhile Minstrel arrives, pleading with his friends for rescue. Together, the High King and his companions must follow the fragile trail, braving peril and darkness that will test the measure of them all…

This cover, my friends, is another absolutely brilliant work of art by Angelina Walker. I have no qualms telling you that it is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE of the four covers she has done for me (and I love the previous three dearly!) These watercolor paintings are so precious and gorgeous, and I am in awe of her talent… and of the fact that she taught herself how to paint with watercolor because my husband mentioned in passing that he liked the style of another artist who works primarily in watercolors.

Okay, have I made you wait long enough?


Minstrel's Call Cover

The book is now available for pre-order! If you take advantage of the pre-order, you’ll get the special sale price of just 99 cents. This special price is only good through the release date of February 28th.

And don’t forget to add the book to your Goodreads TBR shelf!

I can’t resist showing you the entire painting without the text. Because every one of these paintings is not just a cover, but a complete work of art. Way back in 2010 when we started talking about these covers, the one thing we knew for certain was that we wanted the artwork to wrap around the entire book, and every one of these covers has something interesting on the back cover as well as the front.

Little bit of “behind the page” info, this is also why there is no “blurb” text on the backs of the books, but rather snuggled inside on the very first page of each book – because with King’s Warrior I simply couldn’t bear to cover up the dragon with a text-box. It started a tradition, and I enjoy the uniqueness it lends to holding the physical copies.

Minstrel's Call_CoverArt

~ jenelle


Jim Walker

BEAUTIFUL POST! Love this Author……..Love this Artist………..Love this Story…………WOWWWWW!!!!!

DJ Edwardson

Brilliant color. Sunset and ships for the win! And what a beautiful, thoughtful video. Thank you for sharing it. What a blessing to have such a talented artist in your corner!


Aaaahhh, Jenelle! I am so in love with it! The big, beautiful ship is so inviting and adventurous. I just want to hop on board and soar the seas!

For the longest now, I’ve loved the unique style of your covers. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen watercolor book covers. I think it’s just beautiful and so eye catching.

Watching the behind the scenes with the artist was a delight as well! I always LOVE getting glimpses at ALL the aspects of making a book. I obviously am very familiar with the writing/editing part of creating a story, but there’s so much more than that, and it’s really fun to get an inside look at things like how the cover art was made and such.

Anyways! I’m so excited for you and am just utterly in love with this cover! ^_^



Thank you so much for your kind words about the cover. I will pass them along to Angelina. She really pours her heart and soul into these. I have been so happy with each one of them. I know they’re a little non-traditional, but that’s part of why I love them so much.


Beautiful! I really liked the video about the artist too. I haven’t gotten a chance to read these books yet, but now I’m even more excited to try to find them because I want to see the artwork on the cover as well as discover the stories!


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!