MOONBLOOD: Tales of Goldstone Wood

I’m not sure how to summarize this one without giving away everything, so I’m just going to use the text from the back cover:

In a desperate bid to earn back the trust of his kingdom, Prince Lionheart banishes his only friend, Rose Red, to certain death. Now, his last hope for regaining his honor is to descend into the treacherous Wilderlands and find her.

But many perils stand in Lionheart’s path. A mysterious Hunter is on his trail, a dangerous unicorn prowls the darker shadows, and Rose Red herself has been drawn into the hidden realm of Arpiar where the goblin king holds her captive for foul purposes of his own.

With the help of a blind cat, an ugly knight, and the gentle Lady of the Haven, Lionheart can only hope he will find Rose Red before the Night of Moonblood . . . when the sleeping dragons will awake . . . 

When I finished Veiled Rose, I was very much hoping that Moonblood would pick up where Veiled Rose left off. I felt that Leo’s and Rose Red’s stories simply could NOT end where the previous book had left them. There had to be more. However, I was not sure what to expect, since the author had already switched characters on me between Heartless and Veiled Rose. I was not quite ready to embrace yet another new character-cast.

Thankfully, Moonblood does, in fact, pick up pretty much where Veiled Rose ends – and helps tie together more of the characters from both of the previous books. So, while we still mostly follow Leo and Rose Red, we also get reintroduced to Felix. I also enjoyed getting to know more about Eanrin, as he is a far more prominent figure in this book than in the first two.

I think that perhaps this has been my favorite of this series so far… though the tiny bit of relationship left unresolved at the ending does make me desperately hope for more stories with the characters Leo, Felix, and Rose Red (as the next set of books starts up 1600 years before the beginning of “Heartless”).

~ jenelle

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