Mountains of Books

Saw the idea for this post over at Zac’s Blog, and promptly decided to steal it!

There is a singular difficulty in the life of a book-wyrm. If you are a fellow voracious reader, you already know what this problem is, and while your problem will be unique to you, it is also in many respects exactly the same as mine and every other book-loving-fiend.

The problem is as follows:

All. The. Books.

Seriously, all of them. The cry of the reader is that of one happily drowning in an ocean far too vast to span or buried within a mountain surrounded by a truly dragonish hoard comprised solely of books… worth more than the Arkenstone itself. Why are we in this plight? Because there are always more books to read than we have time to read them in. Perhaps, once upon an era long ago, there were not so many written words available. But that time is long past. We live in a time when there is a plethora of stories to read, more stories than we ever could read. We need never fear running out of reading material. (This is, perhaps, the most compelling argument I can make for being perfectly content to live in THIS era).

On goodreads I have 129 books on my To-Read pile. 129!! And that’s just books I KNOW of that I want to read. And it’s not counting all the books that I would love to re-read at some point. Or all the books that I know may be coming in the future but aren’t available yet… or various sequels in series because I’ve only tagged the first book in a series until I know whether or not I like the book or the author.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go through all the books on my list… just the most notable ones!

Let’s start with the books I already own but haven’t gotten around to reading yet:

TBR Pile

Look at that tower. Eeeeep! I’m not even sure that’s all the books I own that I haven’t read… there may be a few I couldn’t find, or some in the storage unit, as well. Okay, technically I’ve read all the stories in “Fantastic Creatures” but not the finished versions! All of these are definitely on my REALLY WANT TO READ pile, so don’t think that just because I haven’t gotten to them it means I don’t want to!

The Wingfeather Saga

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 3.32.57 PM


I NEED to read these books. They have been recommended by multiple sources, and the titles themselves intrigue me. Despite knowing a rather unfortunate and enormous spoiler due to last year’s Silmarillion Awards (we are fixing that error this year), I still want to read them. Just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Everything by H.L. Burke

You’ll see that Spellsmith and Carver is in that stack above, but I also NEED to finish the Dragon and Scholar series!

A Branch of Silver, A Branch of Gold by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

I had a copy of this, and then decided to gift it to someone. So now I need another copy!!!! I mean, one of my favorite authors tackling one of my favorite fairy tales? This is a MUST READ!

The rest of the Trelian Trilogy

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 3.29.20 PM

I loved the first book, and seriously need to read the rest of the series.

The Out of Time series by Nadine Brandes

I know, I know, I really missed the boat on this series. A couple years back it was all anyone in the blogosphere was talking about. Well, I still haven’t read them, but I very much want to.

Anything by Timothy Zahn I haven’t read yet…


Particularly THRAWN because… I mean… it’s Thrawn! What more is there to possibly say?

All the series I’ve started and haven’t finished!!!

Most notably the Thursday Next series, The Dragonback series, The Ender’s Shadow series (there’s one book I haven’t read yet), The Defenders of Shannara, The Bright Empires Series, the Dragonfriend series, The Ilyon Chronicles, the Cendrillon Cycle, the Queen’s Thief series, Firethorn Chronicles… probably others I’m forgetting.

And then there’s all the new books I want to read by people in the Fellowship of Fantasy group. I haven’t been disappointed by that group yet!

There are also a few that my blogging friends have recommended so enthusiastically that I really feel I will be missing out if I don’t read them. The ones that stand out most are these:


And that’s all I really have time for today… the more I talk about books, the more my mountainous TBR pile appears to grow. How many books are on your TBR mountain? What book are you MOST anxious to read, but haven’t gotten around to yet? What title has sat on your list the longest? Does anyone else own books they want to read but haven’t had a chance to yet (possibly for a ridiculous amount of time)? Come on, fess up! I’d love to hear about your leaning towers of books! 

~ jenelle


Madeline J. Rose

I feel for you…my Goodreads tbr-list informs me that I have marked more than 280 books. O_O

Oh my goodness, you must read Paper Crowns and Illusionarium!! They are both AMAZING. ^_^


I have 268 books on my Goodreads tbr. You want to see a leaning tower of books? BEHOLD! My leaning tower of books! The pile on the left has the unread ones, the pile on the right has the one’s I’ve already read (minus audiobooks and “London in the Dark” which I read since taking that pic. I’m now reading “Beren and Luthien”). Which one has sat the longest? Hmm…They’re all pretty new actually. I was either gifted them or bought them with money I got for Christmas.

LE GASP! You still haven’t read ABoSABoG or the rest of the Cendrillon Cycle? You MUST! They’re soooo good and I cried all the tears. *fangirl flails* Oh, I’ve had Paper Crowns and Waking Beauty recommended to me too, and I wants them so bad, preciousss! But I’ve told myself I’m not buying more books till I finish the ones I have. *pouts* Thus, my list of special must-buy-as-soon-as-I’m-able books has grown to 10… *needs a gift card asap*


Like I said, I gave away my copy of ABoSABoG… act of love, right there. And I have been waiting for FOREVER for the first book in the Cendrillon Cycle to be released in Paperback, which it FINALLY WAS, so I READ IT!!! Now I need the last book. Eeep.

I need a gift-card, as well. With all the book monies on it!!!

To be a Shennachie

Many of those books are on my list as well.
I’m still smarting from the Wingfeather spoiler, but as eager as ever to finally read The Warden and the Wolf King.

Deborah O'Carroll

STORY OF MY LIFE. I am not even going to give any numbers, since (a) they are too many to figure out right now, and (b) it would be embarrassingly high. XD Ooh, I love seeing the side of Spellsmith and Carver in person! *flails* (*has ecopy*) It’s sooo good. You will love it. :D (And Bright Empiresssss. <3) ALSO PAPER CROWNS AWK YESSSS. <3 I don't even know what I'm most excited to read… I've been having lists of books I "should" read for readalongs/reviews/what-have-ye, so I haven't actually been reading things I want to read that DON'T have fine print in awhile. XD Fortunately I enjoy all the review books because that's why I'm reading them, but still. :P ANYWAYS. YES. THIS POST. I RELATE. SO MUCH. All your books-to-read look fabulous! Best of luck with 'em! :)


I’m sure my number is higher than what Goodreads tells me. But then, at least it’s more reasonable than “ALL THE GOOD FANTASY BOOKS IN THE LIBRARY AND THE WORLD” which is a bit harder to calculate ;) hahaha

I can’t wait to read Spellsmith and Carver!

Nick Wilford

I think this is a universal problem, especially if you’re on Goodreads. My TBR list is in danger of being inflated by this post too, as I hadn’t heard of most of what you mentioned! Like EFB, I’m trying not to buy more until I’ve made a dent in the pile I have.


It’s so true! I don’t even use Goodreads that much, but it is a nice place to go when I can’t remember what books I want to read next…

Nolie Alcarturiel

You MUST read THE GIRL WHO DRANK THE MOON. I picked it up at our library last week. It’s surprisingly good.

The Wingfeather Saga is also amazing. I must confess to being curious about which spoiler you found out (and sorry, by the way, it’s awful when that happens!) last year. The first book is a bit silly in places. The authour says he was self-conscious about writing children’s fantasy at the time, so he made it that way on purpose. By the second book, though, the story had taken control and run away with him, and it gets much better.


We had a “most heartwrenching death scene” award last year with the Silmarillion Awards… didn’t even cross my mind that I might find out things about series I hadn’t read yet! LOL Definitely SHOULD have realized that! So, I know who dies in the Wingfeather Saga. Sadly. Which is why we’ve retired that award. :)

Abbey Stellingwerff

I definitely relate… I have, like, 15 books out of the library on top of all the books on my shelves that I need to read! I hope you enjoy The Martian! It’s super funny. And Water Princess, Fire Prince… And Brother-In-Arms. So many good books are on your list! I need to read the Wingfeather Saga as well. And Paper Crowns. Also, I saw Two Years Before The Mast today at the thrift store and was like, “Haven’t I seen this before? Ah, yes! On Jenelle’s blog!”


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!