Music Monday: Marvelous Mandolins

Editing has gotten back into full swing, and that means I have more music to share with you. Because of the point I’m at in Minstrel’s Call right now, things have gotten rather intense… and a lot of the story revolves around a certain minstrel we all know and love… which means I’ve been listening to this song on repeat a lot. (I also had to describe mandolin music. Um… Have any of you ever tried to describe music? Not easy! But listening to a well-played mandolin is helping me attain the feel I’m going for, at least). Also, though I have never had a whole lot of luck when it comes to learning to play musical instruments… now I really want a mandolin so I can attempt to learn to play it. Rhythm isn’t my strong suit… but as hobbies go, I think learning to play the mandolin would be super fun. And it would count as “research.” Don’t you agree?

I’m not sure if it shows, but a lot of my inspiration behind this series comes from my love of Spartan and Gaelic history. A strange combination, to be sure, but it seems to work. Because I’ve been needing to return to that original feel of Celtic mystery and sweeping plains and fierce battles, I’ve also been listening to this quite a lot lately:

I hope you enjoy these glimpses into some of my process and what inspires me as I write and edit!


~ jenelle


DJ Edwardson

Lovely music. Thanks for sharing this.

I love the mandolin as well, but the neck looks so small, I wonder how people get their fingers on it! I’m afraid I’ll have to stick to the guitar.


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!