It’s very hard for me to play favorites. I have great difficulty answering surveys/interviews/etc where there are questions that begin with the phrase, “What is your favorite…” But I have an especially hard time when it comes to books.

I don’t know why this is. Possibly it’s because I feel a little as though picking a favorite from the stack feels like it diminishes the enjoyment I got from all stories I’ve read and loved. I love the quote in Ever After, “I could sooner pick a favorite star in the heavens.” That quote resonates with me.

I tell you this to explain. I have many, many favorite books. Numerous authors have influenced me in life and in my writing. I have enjoyed many stories, as I have read and re-read the ones that touched me the most.

But there is one fictional book that does rise above the rest. And it’s not just because I loved the author. I love this book because it is a sweet, charming story, filled with realistic characters and events. I love that it is a story I can read over and over again. Though I’ve read it countless times, it still makes me laugh unexpectedly. It still makes me cry in certain places. And while I’ve told you about the book before, today I wanted to share with you more of a review of my favorite fictional book in the whole world: He Whistles for the Cricket by Gwen Walker.

HWFTC Front coverMiriam has always wanted a dog. But times are hard, and her father’s health problems mean that there’s very little money left for luxuries after feeding the family and paying for medical bills. When her neighbor’s dog has puppies, Miriam spends as much time as she can playing with them, and pretending they are hers. But when tragedy strikes, and only one tiny pup is left alive, it is up to Miriam to find someone to care for him.

This story follows the life of a young girl growing up in the midwest in the 1940s. More than just a story about a girl and her dog, this book is about family, friendship, trust, standing up for what is right even when what is right isn’t popular, forgiveness, and love. As the characters from this small community carry on in their lives, you will laugh, cry, and cheer for them as they face and overcome great struggles. You will fall in love with the mischievous young pup, Moses, and the story of how he and the young girl who loves him touch the hearts of the people around them will probably cause the pages to grow a bit blurry at times.

If you enjoy stories such as “Where the Red Fern Grows,” “Lad: A Dog,” or “Bridge to Terabithia,” you will love this book.


And, because I have extra copies lying around, why not end with a giveaway? I’ve got 2 copies of this book in paperback to giveaway (U.S. entries only, sorry).

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This sounds like a story that will make me cry–weepy, animal-loving person that I am. But hey! Who doesn’t love a book that will stimulate some tears?

My favorite childhood book was actually BAMBI by Felix Salten (Felix Salten also wrote the screen play for the Disney movie, which is sweet, but the book is much deeper–quite beautiful, actually). I would read that book over and over and over again. As a young adult I found the sequel, BAMBI’S CHILDREN, which is quite wonderful too. I also loved Dottie White Smith’s 101 DALMATIONS and Anna Sewell’s BLACK BEAUTY.

Odd that I don’t write animal books, isn’t it?


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