Nightstand Books: March 2017

Top o’ the mornin’ to ye, dear Reader! (Something about March always makes me feel a little bit more of those Irish roots buried deep down in my genetic code).

Well, the new month is begun, Spring is about to be sprung, and don’t forget we lose an hour this weekend! (ugh)

But all that aside, it’s time to talk about all the shiny new books we’re going to read this month! So here’s a picture of my stack o’ books on the old nightstand.

Nightstand books march

Nightstand books is a monthly blogging meme thought up by myself and DJ Edwardson. Joining is easy, just take a picture of the books on your nightstand (or whatever surface you use to store the books you are currently reading (pictures of kindles or ereading devices are fine, too)) and link back to mine or DJ’s blogs to give credit.

Pretty nice pile compared to last month’s pitiful offering, wouldn’t you say? I’ve already finished a couple of them, but since I didn’t start them until March began, it’s not technically cheating, right?

On the left at the bottom there is my Bible. Currently I’m in a Bible study going through the book of James, which has been wonderful. I was studying James before we moved here, and it’s nice to be able to sort of continue that study now.

The tattered journal is my story-idea journal, which is where I have all manner of handwritten scenes, notes, snippets, and various ideas for various and sundry stories… mostly Turrim Archive stuff, but there’s quite a lot of my sci-fi/mystery tale in there, as well.

Then on the right, the books I intend to read… or at least get a good ways into… this month. From the bottom:

The King’s Scrolls by Jaye L. Knight. I read Resistance back in February and just loved it to pieces. I have a full-on review coming later, but let me just start by saying I highly recommend this series… despite only having read the first two books. The story is fast-paced, compelling, and the characters are well-developed. I felt like King’s Scrolls got a little bit predictable in the second half, but that did not detract too much from my enjoyment of the story.

The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis. I found a quote from this book recently that prompted me to get my hands on a copy and read the whole thing. It’s not an easy read… none of Lewis’ non-story-books are… but it is definitely the kind of book that turns your brain on and makes you think, which I appreciate. It’s kind of slow-going, though, because I have to be in the right frame of mind to dive into it… and most of the time I’d rather read something for fun.

Journeyman by Elizabeth Yates. This is our next read for homeschool, and I don’t really know much about it, as we don’t start in on it until tomorrow. However, all but one of the Sonlight curriculum reads have been excellent, so I’m not worried.

Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde. Continuing my re-reading of the Thursday Next Novels… this is the second installment in that delightful series. 

EDITED: Apparently baby-brain has taken serious hold… I am NOT reading Lost in a Good Book again, I read that recently… and finished book #3 as well *slaps forehead*… I have now in actuality reached Something Rotten, which is the fourth and final book in the first story arc of the Thursday Next novels. This is the problem with books that don’t have the series number anywhere on their covers or easily discoverable on the title page. Sigh. I’ve read all the books in the first arc, so this is the last one and then I’ll be able to move on to the books I haven’t read yet, which is exciting. But it’s been so many years since I read these, that there’s a lot I don’t remember, and it’s fun rediscovering the humor and witticisms anew.

In Grandma’s Attic by Arleta Richardson is the book I’m reading out loud to Nathalie, and so far it is quite the charming little tome.

Justin Morgan Had a Horse by Marguerite Henry was just as beautiful as I was expecting, considering Henry is one of my all-time favorite authors. I had never read this particular book of hers before, so it was fun to share a favorite author AND a story I’d never read with my kiddos.

The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket… oops… looks like I grabbed the wrong book and put it on the stack. Erm… haha… just imagine that it’s a bit thicker and has a different title… I don’t want to clean off my nightstand for a whole ‘nother picture… This is the series my husband is reading out loud to the kiddos each night, and I listen in, as well. We finished The Bad Beginning last month and the kids enjoyed it, so we got the second installment.

Not pictured here: I am also reading Dragonfriend by Marc Secchia for the Fellowship of Fantasy book club. I am, for the first time ever, reading a book in e-format… which is not my preferred method at all… but circumstances. And I loved reading The Firethorn Crown last month and participating in the tail-end of the discussion… I’ve never been in a book club before, partially because book clubs always seem to want to read or focus on a book or genre I have zero interest in… but as this one is dedicated solely to fantasy… I figured I’d give it a try. And I’m really enjoying it! If you enjoy fantasy and want to find new, clean reads… you should definitely consider joining. We read a book a month, and you can pop in and join whenever, no pressure to stay involved from month to month. At the end of each month we have a “meet the author” fb event and reveal what the next month’s read will be (voted on by the book club members).

Lots of good reading material to look forward to this month.

Now it’s your turn, dear Reader! What books are on YOUR nightstand for March?

~ jenelle


DJ Edwardson

So cool about the fantasy book club. I may have to try if I ever get the time.

I’m curious about that plaque or whatever it is, the one that says “Adventure”. First off, what exactly is it and second, I think it is just about the most marvelous thing for a fantasy writer to have on their nightstand! Of all the nightstand pictures you’ve shared, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before.

The book of James is one of my favorites. It’s so clear, direct, and unambiguous. I’m glad you’re getting to study it more in depth.


Ah, my decoration! It’s a kind of box/3D plaque with a sort of scenic wilderness painting with mountains that says, “Adventure is out there” – my sister-in-love gave it to me for a birthday a couple years back and it’s one of my favorite things ever!

Deborah O'Carroll

YAY Nightstand Books!! :D I just posted mine! ^_^

(UGH to daylight savings too. -_- BLECH.) A good time to be Irish is… always. XD *raises hand*

Ooh, you stack is cool! I like James as well. :) OOH, a writing journal thing!! *feels so “behind-the-scenes”*

Glad to hear you enjoyed Resistance… I need to finish it sometime. ;)

Glad you’re enjoying the Unfortunate Events series… I enjoyed them until they started getting too repetitive and depressing… and then up and had the worst and most unsatisfying end to the series ever! Ahem. But the first several are fairly funny and addicting! :D

I seem to like Lewis’ nonfiction whenever I get around to reading it… which is rarely, unfortunately. Haven’t read that one yet.

I want to read Dragonfriend as well! I just don’t know if time will line up for me to do so… and WOW, you’d never read an e-book before?? :O Jenelle, I am so proud/amazed at you holding out so long!! Heehee. :D


:) I was looking at yours, you’ve got quite the stack going!

Yeah, I’ve read the Unfortunate Events series before, so the listening in is re-reading for me. Around about “The Miserable Mill” I felt like the story took a turn into the “unbelievably bizarre” and never recovered. And, yes, awful ending… but it’s not like we weren’t warned… repeatedly. LOL

Nope, never read an ebook before. I HAVE read rough drafts and the occasional beta-read on my computer… don’t know if that counts. I absolutely loathe reading on a screen… but I also don’t generally buy books I haven’t read. It’s a conundrum… especially with wanting indie books that aren’t in my local library. Sigh. So, I caved for this one… kept hearing good things from the FOF book club from those who had gotten a ways into the book already. I couldn’t sleep last night, so I decided to start reading it (since I have a 30-day free trial of KU I haven’t used) on my iPad and raced through about six chapters before deciding I should probably get some sleep. So far, the story is very engaging and I can’t wait to see where it goes!


(Oh my goodness, is it Daylight Savings time already?? Noooo!)
James is one of my favorite books of the Bible. Soo wonderful. :) The other books on your nightstand look wonderful, too. I’ve only ever read “Misty of Chincoteague” by Marguerite Henry… I enjoyed that one, though I do not usually enjoy animal books (or movies—they’re just too sad for me!). I’ve been reading a lot of nonfiction this month. I just finished “Eat That Frog” which is a book about productivity, and I’m about halfway done with a book called “Boundaries.” You can guess what that one’s about. :)


Yes, DST approacheth. Sigh.

I like that M. Henry’s books usually end pretty happily, or with a mix of bitter and sweet. Very rarely do they make me cry because the ending is sad.

Sounds like you’ve got some good reading material of your own, there.

Madeline J. Rose

That’s quite an impressive stack you have there! :D

Ooh, I’ve been considering reading the Thursday Next series! I might give them a try sometime. I’ve also been wanting to read Shades of Grey, the unfinished series also by Jasper Fforde. Another series to the ever-growing TBR pile. XD


Thanks! We are trying very hard to get ahead in our homeschool schedule, so we’re blitzing through these books, reading more than the assigned # of chapters each day… which my kiddos enjoy. Thankfully!

Thursday Next is super fun. There are a few swears and some mildly objectionable moments/character choices sprinkled throughout the books, but nothing that really jumps out at me in any sort of horrifying, “I can’t recommend this!” sort of way. Just comes with a caveat that the characters are not Christians.

To be a Shennachie

I read The Problem of Pain just last month, and enjoyed it. So many quote worthy snippets.

Justin Morgan had a Horse- oh, nostalgia! I loved that one as a kid!


Yes, the number of quotable lines in The Problem of Pain is astounding. Even more astounding is that I had no idea this book existed until a few weeks ago.


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!