Blog-o-versary Vlog

This little ol’ blog turns SIX YEARS OLD tomorrow! And to celebrate, I have done as I promised and filmed my first-ever VLOG! Yikes! (but also… kinda fun…?)

Anyway, the vlog is me answering all of YOUR questions that you submitted throughout November, and since you guys sent in SO MANY awesome questions, AND since only like 2 of them had super simple answers… the vlog has been split up into 4 parts and I will post them throughout the month to make it a little more manageable both for myself and for anyone who bothers to watch them. *grin* This first installment is the longest of the four, because I was still trying to figure out what I was doing. The rest are shorter.

A couple of fun stats I thought I’d share about this blog:

My MOST VIEWED POST to date is Ring Around the Rose: Beauty and the Beast – which was a post I wrote when Five Enchanted Roses was releasing and it answers the questions: What are your thoughts on Beauty and the Beast? And what is your favorite version of Beauty and the Beast?

One of my LEAST VIEWED POSTS is Henry Fairchild and the Montague Caper – which is really kind of a shame because I thought it was pretty clever… I guess it doesn’t have much to do with fantasy, but still… it made me laugh several times when I was writing it. If you haven’t read that particular adventure of Mr. Fairchild’s, go give it some love. I think you’ll be entertained.

Not at all surprisingly, my Most Viewed Post THIS YEAR was the post where I opened nominations for this year’s Least Competent Henchman awards. I… had fun putting together the GIFs for that one.

Well, I guess I’ve stalled long enough, huh? Without further ado… my first vlog. *hides*

And for those of you like me, who don’t enjoy watching videos… here’s a TOC for you, so if there’s a question you just REALLY want to know the answer to, you can skip to that!

3:40 – What’s your favorite thing about being an author?

5:30 – What’s your least favorite thing about being an author?

7:45 – If you could take the place of one protagonist, who would it be, and would you do anything differently from them?

10:40 – Share a real-life adventure

16:55 – What are some of my favorite posts I’ve written on this blog?

18:39 – What is your best advice for balancing life/writing? How do you find time to write amidst the chaos?



~ jenelle

Ending the Hiatus aka NANOWRIMO is OVER! + Christmas Adventure Author Take-Over Stop #4

Good morning, dear Reader!!! And a very Happy December to you!

As you can see, snow is falling on the blog, and I’m BACK from my hiatus!!! Huzzah! Oh, I’ve missed blogging!

But I did manage to WIN NANOWRIMO for the first time ever!!!! *does a happy dance and tosses confetti*

Today, I’m just popping in to say “I’M BACK!” I’ve got a lot of fun things planned for the blog this month to make up for the silence through November. I have my promised vlog all ready to go, because I want to keep it reasonable, I’m splitting it into 4 different videos so it’s a little more bite-sized. I’ve got a couple of awesome books I read in November (yes, GASP I managed to read some books in the midst of all the furious writing!) that I can’t wait to tell you about, and some Christmas-y posts, and just lots of fun things and I hope I can fit it all into a single month!

But for today… since it’s Saturday… I’m mostly just popping in to say “HI! I’m BACK!!!” AND I am helping out with the Christmas Adventure Author Take-Over event going on over at Facebook, so for those of you who have come here seeking clues…. here is mine:


I… have no idea what that means. But I hope it helps you on your journey, and I wish you well on the continuation of your quest!

~ jenelle

Wilderness For Heart

Breaking my radio silence briefly to share this gorgeous NEW music video with you. Enjoy! #MusicMonday


~ jenelle

Going Dark

Whew! What an awesome month October was! I had so many things going on: we have begun work on the interior finishing of our house, I participated in several blog tours, read and reviewed some awesome books, interviewed a myriad of interesting characters, ran #drachtober, issued a spooky story challenge, wrote 2 pieces of flash-fiction (one for the blog, one which I submitted to an online magazine), and went on a family-reunion-vacation smack-dab in the middle of the month, which was particularly awesome.

However, all of that busy-ness has amounted to practically ZERO writing getting done on the next Turrim Archive book. And that needs to be attended to.

What that means is that I’m planning a little November hiatus from this blog AND social media in general so that I can get some writing done.

I’m actually going to attempt to participate in NaNoWriMo this month for real! I set up my novel on the website and everything. I’m Jenelle72521 over there if anyone else is doing NaNo and wants to be my buddy!

So this is my official announcement…

I am going Internet Dark until the blog-o-versary party in December.

Don’t forget to leave comments asking me questions!!

If you see me online… feel free to remind me to get back to work.

I’ll just leave a few of these motivational images of some of my favorite characters here to remind me of what it is I’m supposed to be doing…

Okay, that leaves out quite a few of my absolute favorite characters, but I couldn’t find any from The Princess Bride or NCIS or Stargate… a gross oversight on the part of meme-makers everywhere. But I don’t have time to make them myself right now…. maybe another day!

~ jenelle