First Book Signing on November 20, 2012

I hope to have some more pictures from the actual book-signing event to put up here soon. The only downside to being the author at a book-signing is that you really don’t get to take any pictures on your own camera, so I need to get pictures from others who were at the signing.

In the weeks before the signing, we created posters and flyers and sent out mailings inviting everyone we know to the event. The Kane County Chronicle ran a story about the upcoming book-signing a few days before the event. The staff at B&N were very impressed, saying over and over again that most authors are not willing to do the leg-work of advertising or marketing the event. I’m not sure what B&N did to advertise the event, but we had flyers up in local coffee shops and many of the high schools in the area. (more…)

~ jenelle

Reflections of a First-Time Nanowrimo-er

When I set out on my first national novel writing month endeavor this past November, I knew that I was going into it with no hope or chance of reaching the 50,000-word goal. We were heading out of town for vacation on the 17th and would be getting home the 27th. I assumed I would not do any writing while on vacation. I had hoped, however, to make it to the halfway mark. (more…)

~ jenelle

Pronunciation Guide

Since I began writing I have had quite a few people ask me if I would ever be willing to include a pronunciation guide/glossary in my books.

Okay, some of you are chuckling to yourselves right now.

But it is a valid question, particularly for those unfamiliar with the fantasy genre. (more…)

~ jenelle