What’s To Come

I am sorry I have been neglecting this blog lately. I’ve had a rough time coming up with what to post over here. Since we’re now in the “tweaking” stages (finishing the cover, working on the interior layout for the book, etc), there isn’t much for me to report on lately with King’s Warrior, hopefully I can soon report that the book is finished and ready for purchase.

Until then, however, I’ve decided to attempt to do 2 posts a week.

1. Meet the Team Tuesdays – a post each Tuesday in which I introduce a member of the great team I have that is making the publication of my books possible

2. Featured Artist Fridays – a post each Friday (or every other Friday) in which I feature a different artist (musician, artist, writer, etc) here on my blog. I’ll be posting some questions on my fanpage. If you are an aspiring artist of some kind, and would like to be featured here, email me at: jenelle.l.schmidt at gmail dot com and I’ll send you the questions (or you can go over to my facebook page and see the questions and simply email me the answers).

~ jenelle


“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” ~ Douglas Adams

Well, the book is edited and ready for interior layout design… which means that the manuscript is out of my hands once again, and with my layout guy.

The cover is 99% of the way finished, with just a few tiny tweaks left.

I feel like I am on the very tippy edge of being able to say, “My book is completed” but I’m not QUITE there yet. The goal, of course, is to have the book completed ASAP so that I can submit it to the publisher and we can start selling copies and setting up book signings and (hopefully) tours even!!! But it may be a few weeks more.

~ jenelle

Series Name part 2

Okay, a few of you have had a hard time finding the poll I put up on my fanpage. So, here are the options I threw out there. (And again, alternate options are welcomed!)

1. The Minstrel’s Song

2. The Second Son Prophecies

3. Forging the Great King

4. The Sword and Mandolin Chronicles

5. The Song of the Minstrel

6. The Minstrel Chronicles/Saga/Series/

~ jenelle

Series Name

Over on my facebook fanpage I am running a “vote” of sorts for name for the series of books that I have written.

Originally the titles for the four books were:
1. The Dragon’s Eye
2. Dawn of the Dragon’s Eye
3. Twilight of the Dragon’s Eye
4. The Minstrel

I am in the final stages of editing/cover design and will be starting the effort to republish the first book (and subsequently the rest of the series over the next couple of years). I am retitling the four books (well, the first three anyway) as follows:

1. King’s Warrior
2. Second Son
3. Ancient Flame (I’m not sold on this one yet, and am still open to different ideas)
4. The Minstrel

What I really need, at this point, is a name for the series. So that inside the book or in small letters somewhere on the cover I can have: “Book 1 of the ……………… series/chronicles/cycle/saga/etc”

Check out the poll and cast your vote! (Or suggest a different idea if you don’t like any of the options)

~ jenelle