Progress Report

I am ready to submit my book to the ABNA contest, a full week early! Hoorah. :)

I have sold 15 books this month!

I do intend to continue with some polishing and I look forward to getting feedback from my editor(s), but I feel confident that my manuscript, excerpt, and pitch are as ready as they can be.

So, what next? A lot of waiting :)

Meanwhile, (while I wait for my editor to get through all the pages and send me his notes, while I wait for the contest to open, and then while I begin the waiting that is the majority of being IN the ABNA contest), I intend to take a break from Tellurae Aquaous, and start writing about Aelon Ere – my new world and entirely new set of characters. I also may start looking at ideas for the idea my brother gave me for The Mirror, and trying to flesh out an outline for that story as well. I’m also going to return to writing query letters to various agents and publishers.

That should all keep me quite busy! :) In addition to this, I have a house to run, a 2 year old to keep up with, as well as the potential for a couple (hopefully!) of large-scale changes to our lives in the coming year. I will keep you posted on all of this as it happens… of course, if it doesn’t, I suppose you’ll never know what it was…

~ jenelle

New Year’s Writing Resolutions

I do, in fact, have other resolutions for 2011 that are not writing-related, but I’ll post them on my other blog. One of these days, I’m going to have a single blog that combines writing topics with everything else, but until that day… you’re stuck with my dual blogging. Sorry. haha. Anyway, as a way to keep me accountable, I’m putting my New Year’s Writing Resolutions in… ha ha…. writing :) – so feel free to ask me about them and how they’re going, I could use the accountability!

And, without further ado: my resolutions for writing in 2011 –

1. Finish my rewrite of Book 1 by January 24
2. Carefully read the submission guidelines for the ABNA contest
3. Submit Book 1 to the ABNA contest
4. Make it to round 3 of the ABNA contest (I made it to round 2 last year)
5. Republish Book 1 with new artwork, new title, and rewritten manuscript
6. Do one book signing this year with Book 1

~ jenelle

Happy New Year

Well hello there. I’ve been absent for a while. I was working on a quilt for my parents, and had to take a break from writing in order to get it done by Christmas. However, now that Christmas is over, I’m back to my re-writing/editing and am pleased to announce that I only have 27 pages left in the first run-through. I still have to go back through and do some polishing, and look over my editor’s notes, but my January 24th deadline (when the ABNA contest opens) is looking more and more likely to happen!

In other good news, I have an illustrator for the new version of The Dragon’s Eye, which I will be renaming King’s Warrior once the re-write is done. I’m also planning on trying to do some book signings this year, and maybe travel to a book fair with the new (and improved) version of my first title… we’ll see. I would love to be able to give out free copies of King’s Warrior to anyone who has already bought The Dragon’s Eye, but will have to think through whether or not I can afford such generosity… will let you know when the time comes!

Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year! Stay tuned for more updates!

~ jenelle

Happy Veteran’s Day

 I wrote this a while back for my sister to make into a song. I wish I had the ability to post it here so you could listen to it… but I don’t. I love how she can take words and turn them into music, it just amazes me. Anyway, I thought it fitting, considering the date, to post the lyrics today:

 Don’t Rob Us of Our Heroes
Just take a look around you, do you think this all came cheap?

It cost a lot in good men’s blood for us become free.
Now it’s said we shouldn’t have been there, out across the sea
Helping men and women like us, how selfish should we be?

Don’t rob us of our heroes
Don’t tarnish their names
They may not have flown like Superman
But they’re heroes just the same.

They gave up all the comforts that you and I afford
To sacrifice, lay down their lives, heroes to the core.
Don’t tell me they didn’t believe in what they’re fighting for
Here back home it’s our job to lift them to the Lord.

A freedom’s flag now waves aloft in far and distant lands
Placed there by some who gave their all with strong and steady hands.
Respect the love they freely gave, those brave men with their guns
Before faulting them remember: that is my neighbor’s son.

Beloved of their families
Lifted up in prayer
Let us bow our heads and thank the Lord
For our soldiers everywhere.

They’re our heroes….

~Jenelle Schmidt

To all those who have served and are currently serving our country in the military: Thank You. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all days, but today in particular. You are our heroes.

~ jenelle