Nightstand Books for March Magics

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Quick update on Write 100… I’m now on day 7 and so far I have met or exceeded my goal of writing for at least 10 minutes every day! I’ll do a more extensive update on how that’s going later, but so far it’s been a great motivation to get moving on the next rough draft. Last night I passed 10,000 words in this new story! I think this is the fastest I’ve ever gotten that much written! But, more on that later….


Today is the first Wednesday of the month, so… yep, you guessed it! It’s time for NIGHTSTAND BOOKS! This is a monthly meme that DJ Edwardson and I created a couple of years back, and I enjoy using it to show you guys what I’m reading each month.

March also happens to be “March Magics,” which is an annual party thing celebrating the authors Diana Wynne Jones and Terry Prachett. I might post about them and my experience with their books later this month. Because I actually remembered March Magics before it was completely over this year, I actually do have a few books on my nightstand this month to go along with it! I’m excited because most of the books on my nightstand are new reads!

March Magics

From the bottom…

The Black Reckoning by John Stephens - This is the third book in The Books of Beginning trilogy that I’ve been reading with Leiana. It’s been really fun, the past few months, getting these books out and having our little contest. She listens to the audio book while I read the book, and we see who can finish first. She had listened to the first one a handful of times before she found the book and recommended it to me… but I finished the Fire Chronicle before her. She’s already gotten started on this one, so she’s getting a head-start on me!

The Dark Lord of Derkholm and Year of the Griffin by Diana Wynne Jones - I’m not doing these in order because Dark Lord of Derkholm is the first book, and Year of the Griffin is the sequel. I have never read these books, but have been wanting to for a couple of years now. The library happened to have them both when I was there last, so I grabbed them up! Looking forward to it!

The Game - This one is also by DWJ. I’ve seen it on the library’s shelf numerous times, but I do not believe I’ve ever actually read it. I am intrigued. I’m also excited because my blogging/author buddy Deborah is reading this one this month, too! It’s fun to read the same books as other people at the same-ish time!

Birth of the Firebringer by Meredith Ann Pierce - When I was writing my “Common Fantasy Creatures” post, I was reminded of this book. I read it a bunch of times when I was younger, but it’s been many years since I even thought about it. It took some sleuthing to hunt down the title, since I couldn’t remember anything about it except that it was about unicorns and what the cover looked like… but I eventually managed to discover it. I also learned that there are more books in the series… I didn’t know it was a series! So I’m hoping to get a chance to read those, as well… though probably not this month.

Like my dragon bookmark? A dear friend gave that to me for my birthday and I love it!!!

I also got the paperbacks of the Jan/Feb books for the Fellowship of Fantasy Book Club, but I have not had a chance to read them yet. The April book will be the Mythical Doorways anthology, so if anyone wants to jump in, that would be a good month to start! We’re also having a writing contest (flash fiction, so 500 words or less) you can find out how to enter HERE. We have a couple different age categories, and some cool prizes for the winners!

That’s all I’ve got for now, dear Reader! What’s on YOUR nightstand this month?

~ jenelle

Exciting Announcement

Just popping in to tell you some exciting news… well, it’s exciting for ME, anyway….


I’m going to Realm Makers!

I’m so excited! I have watched from afar for several years, but the timing and the location has never worked well for me. But this year, I’m finally getting to go!!! Registered yesterday, so it’s even official!!!

Who else is going? Can’t wait to see you there, and meet some of you in person who have become dear blogging-friends!

~ jenelle

Write 100

Now that February is Fantasy Month is over and Minstrel’s Call has released, I am in need of a good, long winter nap. However, as winter is ending soon, as well (on the calendar, anyway… we’ll still have snow here for a while) it doesn’t look like a nap is anywhere in my near future. I have DREAMS, y’all.

Big ones. All of which involve writing multiple rough drafts this year…

Which brings me to Write 100 – a challenge to write for 100 days in a row! Anne Elisabeth brought it to my attention and I thought to myself that it sounds like just the challenge I need to get back into drafting mode. I started yesterday evening and plan to write for at least 10 minutes a day every day until the challenge ends on June 19… (which I realize is actually 112 days… but as we are planning on taking a trip somewhere in there for a week to visit family, I am going to be taking that week off, hence starting early). I know 10 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot, and I definitely plan to write for longer than that most days, but there are some days (like on weekends) when I know I won’t get much writing time, and 10 minutes seems manageable.

I will be using this challenge specifically for my next rough draft.

This is me giving you permission to bug me about how I’m doing on this challenge! Definitely feel free to hold me accountable, I need it!

It is also me explaining that I’m not going to be blogging as much. I’m not going on hiatus or disappearing completely or anything, but I will probably only be posting once a week at the most.

Turrim Archive Book 3… here I come!

And, just because I love you, a couple of snippets from my new project:

The figure made a strange, inhuman noise, a rumbling sound that made Marik’s skin crawl. He had the sudden urge to flee back the way they had come. It was the same sensation he had felt once before, as a child in the woods behind his home. Evening had been approaching, and he had heard the eerie barking howl of a wylfen. He would never forget the way that sound made his skin prickle with dread. The sound coming from the shadowy man gave him that same sensation: it was the feeling of a predator stalking him, of being considered as prey.


The man thrust out his hand. “Hrafn,” he said, his voice short, the name sounding more like a cough than anything Marik wished to attempt repeating. “If information is all you seek, then perhaps we can come to an agreement of some kind.”


Marik stared over the side of the Hawk pensively. Below was an endless sea of gray; above was a matching wash of silver mist. Even at high altitudes, the cloud cover was generally thick over Melar. He was thankful for it, as it helped hide his airship from those searching for them. But it also worked against him, muddling his thoughts, making it hard for him to concentrate. The air around them was thick with fog, and droplets of water covered everything, making it difficult to stay dry. Marik didn’t mind the gloom, but he didn’t like the way the clouds obstructed his vision and made it impossible to tell in which direction the horizon lay.

“Captain?” Oleck’s gruff voice brought Marik back to the present.

“Yes, Oleck?”

Oleck just stared at him. Marik could read the struggle in the big man’s face, the way his eyes were full of pleading and hope, but the set of his jaw trembled in a never-ending battle against despair. 

~ jenelle

Coming Full Circle

February Fantasy Month Banner

Today is the last day of February is Fantasy month, and what a whirlwind of a month it was! I have loved reading your posts and seeing your answers to the hashtag game prompts and seeing the What If tag popping up all over the blogosphere! Thank you so much for helping to make this the best February is Fantasy Month yet! There is still time to join the link-up if you have written any posts that have anything to do with fantasy in the past month! And if you wanted to get to the short story challenge, but February got away from you, that’s fine! If you ever do write a story using that prompt, I’d LOVE to read it, so just let me know or tag me or something when you write it!

I’m feeling a little nostalgic today. Six years ago, almost to the day (February 29, to be exact), I became a real “published” author and released King’s Warrior into the wild. The first book in the Minstrel’s Song series, my first published novel, I had no idea what the future held for that series. I’m not a “big name” or “successful” author yet, not by a long shot. But you, dear Readers, have welcomed my stories into your homes and treasured them in your hearts. The kind reviews, emails, comments, fan art, and enthusiasm you have shared with me and displayed over my books leaves me at a true loss for words. Your encouragement and support throughout this journey so far has been overwhelming. I am convinced that nobody has better readers than I do! And so, there is something satisfying and pleasant about the symmetry of releasing Minstrel’s Call to you today, giving you this final chapter, this final stanza on the same day I gave you the first one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

It’s a little sad, leaving the world of the Minstrel. And, though I don’t yet know what they are, there may be more stories in Tellurae Aquaous in the future…

But it is also exciting, because now I get to dive in to a whole new world (haha, accidental Disney reference). And I am excited to see where it takes us, what stories it holds, what new characters are there to discover and befriend.

Adventures await us, my friend. Shall we step through the door together onto a new path and see where it goes?


~ jenelle