Heart of the Curiosity Cover Reveal

Today I have the great privilege of sharing with you a shiny new cover from my friend H.L. Burke!

H.L. Burke is a name you’ve probably seen me mention before. Her book, Spice Bringer, was in my top-three favorite reads last year. And I know I’ve mentioned her Dragon and Scholar series, which I love. Burke is a rather prolific author, and tends to write a bit faster than even I can read (and that’s saying something!) and she keeps releasing more so I have lost hope of ever catching up.

I’ve been excited about this next book since she started talking about it. But in case you haven’t heard about this story yet, here’s the blurb:

The secret lies with the Heart.

Born with a magical knack for manipulating emotions, Leodora’s only dream is to ensure her talented little sister dances on the biggest, brightest stage in the Republic: The Curiosity, a grand old theater of tradition and innovation. After escaping a cruel carnival, Leo secures her sister a place in the Curiosity’s chorus line, and herself a job as a professional audience member, swaying the crowd’s mood with her magic. The girls have a home for the first time in their lives.

Then a tragic accident darkens the theater. A greedy businessman begins blackmailing Leo, and financial woes threaten to close the show forever. The Curiosity’s sole hope lies in a mythical power source hidden beneath the maze-like passages and trapdoors of the theater—the Heart. And Leo’s only friend Paxton, nephew of the theater’s stagemistress, is the key to finding it.

While Leo and Paxton hunt for the Heart, the blackmailer’s threats loom larger. Mysterious figures, cryptic clues, and deadly traps hinder the search at every turn. If the friends cannot recover the Heart in time, Leo and her sister will be cast out of the only home they’ve ever known, and the final curtain will fall on The Curiosity.

Enter a world reminiscent of The Greatest Showman, with a puzzle worthy of Sherlock Holmes and National Treasure, in this new Steampunk Fantasy from H. L. Burke.

I can already tell I’m going to love this story. Greatest Showman meets Sherlock Holmes and National Treasure? TAKE MY MONEY!


Oh, okay, you probably want to see the cover.

You ready?

It’s pretty cool!

Have I made you wait long enough?

Okay, you probably just skipped all that text I put so much effort into and have already scrolled down to the cover itself… especially if you’re impatient like I tend to be.

Or maybe you’re sneaky and already saw the cover early on Goodreads yesterday… (if you haven’t, you should go add the book to your TBR pile!)

But for those who like a little bit more anticipation…

Just a little bit more…

Here you go! The Heart of the Curiosity!

HOC 3D Single

Eeee! It’s so steampunky and pretty!!!!

And it has snails!!! This is significant, but only to those of us following H.L. Burke and her posts… so I recommend you hop on over to the various social media sites and join the club!

I’m so thrilled that this one is releasing soon… June 27th, to be exact! That’s just around the corner!

In fact… why don’t you take a moment to go pre-order it!






HOC Social Media Graphic


I can’t wait!

H. L. Burke 2Born in a small town in north central Oregon, H. L. Burke spent most of her childhood around trees and farm animals and was always accompanied by a book. Growing up with epic heroes from Middle Earth and Narnia keeping her company, she also became an incurable romantic.

An addictive personality, she jumped from one fandom to another, being at times completely obsessed with various books, movies, or television series (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Star Trek all took their turns), but she has grown to be what she considers a well-rounded connoisseur of geek culture.

Married to her high school crush who is now a US Marine, she has moved multiple times in her adult life but believes that home is wherever her husband, two daughters, and pets are.

Stalk… follow H.L. Burke around the interwebs:

Facebook Page - all things updates and writerly

Facebook Reader Group  - many snippets

Twitter - like facebook, but shorter

Instagram - all the pictures of her pet dragon, Theodore

Website - sparkly professional thing


~ jenelle

What I’m Writing

I am writing things!


But you already knew that.

Some of you, who have been following me for a while or following me closely, already know a bit about the things I’m writing.

However, I realized the other day when a reader asked, “Wait, are you writing steampunk?” over on facebook that maybe I haven’t done a very good job of  letting my readers know WHAT I’m writing these days. Today, I plan to remedy that.

I guess I have been a little close-mouthed about this particular project, and maybe I should have been more shouty about it, but I am still learning a lot when it comes to marketing. My biggest worry is that if I advertise too soon, people will get impatient waiting for something and forget about it by the release date. Maybe that doesn’t happen? Well, my next publication is still a ways out, but now that the entire Minstrel’s Song has been released, I feel like I can talk about this next project a bit more, even if it’s not releasing any time soon.

Mountain Segue


 A New Series

I am currently working on a new five-book series called TURRIM ARCHIVE.

Turrim Archive Titles

Enter the world of Turrim. A single continent divided into six countries and an uninhabited “no man’s land” region in the center that most people agree is haunted or cursed. This is a basic map, but the names are not the names of the countries. I’ve scribbled all over my map and need to get my graphic-artist to create me an updated and correct version!

Aelon Ere

TurrimAelon Ere

The world is a somewhat strange blend of medieval fantasy and Victorian steampunk. Certain large technologies have been artificially accelerated through the use of powerful orbs, but the majority of the world still lives in a very medieval era. For example: there was an elevated train system, and now there are airships, but they don’t have simple things like electric lights. Other technologies exist in isolation, but I don’t want to give too much away! Their weaponry is still very limited to things like swords and crossbows. Much of the fashion, food, and architecture is pulled from the 1800s, but a lot of other things come from the 1400-1600s, which has been a true challenge to write, but fun! But this is why, when people ask me what the genre is, I am not entirely certain how to answer, though my most common reply is: Fantasy Gaslamp.

Turrim is populated by humans, and there are no myth-folk in this world, so no dragons, pegasus, unicorns, gryphons, mermaids, etc. There are some unique beasts unlike those in our world: giant cats that people ride like horses, and enormous beasts of burden that can also be trained for war that I would liken somewhat to a stegosaurus.

Turrim is a small world. The continent is not very big, and as far as the rest of the world outside this continent… it is mostly unknown and doesn’t come into the current series. The story is poised well for more stories to come in this world many years after the events of Turrim Archive, though, so who knows whether or not that will come into play someday? Each country has its own specific culture and fashion and food, religious beliefs (which don’t really come into the story much, but it helps me to know certain things), landscape/architecture, etc. In general, this will hopefully help the world feel a bit more “real” but also means a TON of research and making things up from me!

My characters cover a wide range of ages and come from various parts of Turrim. I have a small crew of airship pirates who range in age from 10-40, a trio of young men (18-19 years old) enrolling in the military academy, and various other side characters who fall outside those ages already mentioned.

This is by far the largest and most complex thing I have ever written. I love it, but it definitely is taking a LOT of work, and everything grows with every book.

I am currently drafting the fifth book in the series. Last week, I passed 30,000 words, so I’m making steady progress and am staying on track to have this book finished by the end of September. My Master Plan, as I’ve mentioned before, is to write and edit the entire series before I publish book 1. That way, I can do what is called a “rapid release” of the entire series, where they go to print 6-9 months apart, instead of having to wait 1.5-2 years between each book. I don’t have a release date yet for book 1, but based on how long it usually takes me to get through edits, I’m hoping it will be somewhere in early 2021 (but that maaay be a slightly aggressive schedule and is certainly open to change in the event of… Life and things).

Mountain Segue

A Stand Alone

But that’s not the only thing I’m working on! During my March hiatus, another story grabbed me by the throat and refused to let me go. A bit of backstory:

Last year, the final Rooglewood Press Snow-White-Themed fairy tale anthology released. My friend and fellow-author Kendra E. Ardnek also organized a multi-author release at the end of the year for authors who had submitted their stories but not won. Then, she decided to keep up the fairy-tale-fun and organize another multi-author release, this one Rapunzel-themed.

I spent a little time trying to come up with an idea when she first announced the theme, but couldn’t come up with anything and was in the middle of writing Hearts of Stone and Steel anyway, so I kind of put it out of my head.

However, when I forced myself to stop working on all writing projects in March because of the move, suddenly an idea hit me with more force than any story idea has ever done. I couldn’t get the idea to leave me alone. I would play with it as I packed boxes, I would close my eyes and the first chapter would begin playing like a movie in my head, I even DREAMED about the story. Finally, I gave in and decided to write down a basic outline so that my brain would be appeased with the knowledge that I wouldn’t forget any of these ideas later.

1400 words later, I had one of the most complete outlines I’ve ever had. The outline doesn’t include the ending, but there’s plenty to get me started and keep me writing until well beyond the halfway point.

But was that enough?


So I also wrote down the prologue.

Rapunzel Opener

That helped for a bit, but the story refuses to leave me alone. So, for the first time ever, I am actively working on TWO stories at the same time. I mean, I often have multiple projects going at once, but usually they are not at the same stages. I’ll be drafting one thing while editing another and outlining something else… but this time, I’m drafting both this and Turrim 5 at the same time. It’s interesting. Thankfully, the stories and characters are vastly different enough as to not get confusing!

I don’t want to give too much away on this, but I believe it will be a stand alone, a bit on the shorter side (60-80k words), involves selkies and the fae, and is “inspired by” Rapunzel, though I don’t think it’s an actual “retelling” per se. We shall see.

Mountain Segue

A Picture Book

Finally, I have written a non-fantasy Children’s Picture book and commissioned illustrations for it. Our goal is to release this in October – it’s a Christmas picture book, so we definitely want to have it out well before the Christmas season, so that’s not too far off! There’s still a lot to do, but I think we’ll get it figured out!

And that’s my update on what I’m currently working on and writing these days! What are you most excited about? Is there anything you’d like to know more about? Do you enjoy steampunk? Do you have a favorite example? What is your favorite fairy tale? Let’s chat in the comments!

~ jenelle

Get to Know Me Tag

It has come to my attention that I have quite a few new followers out there! 1,173 people are in some way or another following this blog, either subscribed to the blog itself or able to see the posts when I automagically share them to facebook… 1,173! What in the deep world?!? This is both exciting and somewhat baffling. All those people reading my words… which, as an author, is basically the whole idea, so EXCITING… and yet, at times, I can’t help but wonder why? Why are there people reading my words? And why are people from ALL OVER THE WORLD reading my words? Some of you are reading from as far away as Australia/New Zealand, and that’s really, really cool!

But it also means that some of you may not know me very well. So I thought it might be time to sort of re-introduce myself! AND it just so happens that I was recently (well, almost two months ago… but in blogging terms, that’s still pretty recent, right?) tagged by the lovely Mackenzie over at Smudged Thoughts  (thanks, Kenzie!) for the “Get to Know Me Tag” created by Savannah Grace at Inspiring Writes and seriously, if you’re not following these two amazing bloggers, you SHOULD be! Go check out their blogs, you’ll thank me!

Okay, these things usually come with rules guidelines. Let’s see…

  • link back to the blogger who created this tag . . . check
  • thank the bloggerly bean who tagged you . . . check
  • share the tag graphic . . . *points above*
  • tag eleven other bloggers . . . uuhhhh well, this is where we enter a gray area…

On to… dun dun DUN… THE QUESTIONS!

Mountain Segue

~ Vital Stats and Appearance ~

Name: Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

Nickname: Never really had one. Sadness. My mom decided to spell my name JENELLE just in case anyone ever shortened it… she liked “Jen” better than “Jan”… well… wouldn’t you know it? Nobody has ever called me “Jen” but I like the way it looks anyway, even if I do have to correct everyone who ever writes it down… ever. LOL

Birthday: November 17

Hair color/length: Brown with some very faint red and blond highlights. Usually I like it long, but every couple of years I get this mad desire to chop it all off. I’ve had it as short as Rapunzel’s at the end of Tangled, and I liked it, but oddly enough found it to be a TON more work at that length. My favorite is when it’s somewhere between that and just beyond shoulder-length.

Eye Color: Blue-ish gray. A friend of mine insists that my eyes change color depending on my mood, but she’s the only one to ever say that, so I’m not sure I believe her.

Braces/Piercings/Tattoos: I had braces in jr. high. No piercings or tattoos of any kind. Not even pierced ears. Needles terrify me, and I can’t even watch other people put in their earrings, even though I KNOW it doesn’t hurt once the piercing is already there… but it makes me queasy, so… probably never going to happen. Though every now and then I am tempted by a particularly beautiful pair of dangly earrings.

Right or Lefty: I am a lefty, though for a lot of things I’m pretty ambidextrous.

Ethnicity: All-American Mutt. A lot of Irish/French/German/English maybe some Scottish, and I’ve been told I’m 1/10th Native American. Shrug?


~ Firsts ~

First Novel Written: Pretty sure it was a story I co-wrote with my friend in grade school. We called it “Rogtu and Scamper” and it was about two incorrigible puppies named… Rogtu and Scamper. We each took a character and wrote chapters from that pup’s perspective. I maaaay still have a handwritten copy lying around somewhere… pretty sure we never finished more than a couple of chapters.

First Novel Completed: That would be the story I wrote as a birthday gift for the same friend. I was 12 and the story was called Snake Dancer. It was about two young girls who escaped from a terrible orphanage and went to live in the woods. They found and tamed a wild horse who happened to be super fast and eventually took him to win the Triple Crown. It was awesome.

Okay, it wasn’t awesome.

But it was fun to write.

Award for Writing: I haven’t won any awards for writing per se… but my Beauty and the Beast retelling novella “Stone Curse” won a spot in the Rooglewood Press “Five Enchanted Roses” anthology, which is still one of the most exciting occurrences of my author career to-date.

First Publication: King’s Warrior, the first book in my Minstrel’s Song YA Fantasy series. I published it back in 2012 and have since completed and released the entire four-book series.

Conference: Realm Makers 2018! I’ve kind of been aware of Realm Makers since it started up, and sort of longingly watched from a distance for a few years, wishing I could go… and then last year things timed out just perfectly and I DID GO! It was super fun and I got to meet so many of my online writing friends and now they are more like real life friends because I’ve actually met them, and that’s really cool.

Query/Pitch: I… have no idea? I did my first “in person” pitching at Realm Makers and it was horrible and terrifying and I don’t like it at all. Back in 2010-ish I did some querying for King’s Warrior, but quickly decided that I didn’t like writing queries and that I only had a very limited amount of time and could either spend it perfecting a query letter OR I could spend it writing the books I wanted to write and perfecting that skill. It wasn’t a hard decision.

~ Favorites ~

Novel (that you wrote): Hands down and without a doubt, that would have to be Minstrel’s Call. It is possible that one of the Turrim Archive books will surpass it, but right now, those are all in hideous rough draft form. I love them dearly, but Minstrel’s Call is the culmination of 17 years of writing and dreaming and driving towards the goal of having the Minstrel’s Song series finished. And it came together so epically and beautifully…

A close second would be Stone Curse. I am so stinkin’ proud of that story. And I worked SO HARD on it. So hard. I still remember reading through the galley proof, my own copy I had sent in side-by-side with it because I kept coming to lines that I thought had been edited because I didn’t believe I could have possibly written them!

Genre: Fantasy. It’s always fantasy. I like other speculative fiction, and I love fairy tales and retellings, and I enjoy reading other genres outside of speculative fiction upon occasion, but in the end, my favorite by a very wide margin, is fantasy.

Author(s): Tolkien, Lewis, MacDonald, Gwen Walker, Lawhead, Brooks, Weis/Hickman, Zahn

Writing Music: Totally depends on my mood and what I’m writing. Usually it’s either Christmas music, Celtic music, or soundtracks. Though lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Piano Guys and Lindsey Sterling while I write.

Time to Write: Anytime I have time. As a mom of four small hobbits, I can’t afford the luxury of a favorite time to write. Usually in the afternoons while they’re in quiet time/napping, or in the evenings after they go to bed.

Writing Snack/Drink: I don’t usually have a go-to snack. And usually I’m drinking water (because if I’m writing at night, anything else will probably prevent me from being able to fall asleep!)

Movie: The Princess Bride.

Writing Memory: My favorite writing memory is from back in 2001. My dad had challenged me to write a book during the summer – I would write 10 pages each day and at the end of the day he would read them out loud to the rest of the family. The goal was to finish the book before I returned to college. At the end of the summer, we were going on a family vacation, and I wanted to have the book done before then, but I also wanted to have enough pages stocked up so that he could continue reading while we were on vacation… so towards the end of the summer I started secretly writing a bit more than 10 pages a day so I had those last 50-60 pages to take with us up to a little cabin in the middle of nowhere in northern Minnesota. Each night, we’d go down to the dock with a flashlight and my dad finished reading my first novel to my extremely appreciative audience with the lapping water and the loons and the crickets playing a soundtrack to my story. One night, however, there was the biggest and most incredible meteor shower I’ve ever seen, so my dad paused on the reading so he could watch it with us!

Childhood Book: Picture book… I don’t even know. Maybe the Polar Express or Owl Moon? A lot of the picture books I love most seem to have come out more recently. Book that was read to me that I loved and can still read over and over? That’s easier! He Whistles for the Cricket by my grandma, Gwen Walker. Where the Red Fern Grows. The Hobbit. The Chronicles of Narnia. The Chronicles of Prydain. The Lord of the Rings. (Unlike Eustace, you can see, I grew up reading all the right sorts of books!)

~ Currently ~

Writing: I am currently working on the rough draft of the fifth and final book in my new series, The Turrim Archive. It’s fantasy/gaslamp set in a sort of Victorian-esque time frame, with airships and pirates, and *GASP!* NO DRAGONS!

Listening To: Generally I am either listening to anything by Brittany Jean or Shawn Newby. Unless I’m writing and need music without lyrics, in which case, see my answer above about favorite music to write to. Love listening to country music on the radio in the car. That’s… about it.

WatchingLately it’s been a lot of Psych and Grand Tour. We’ve also been watching the new She-Ra on Netflix with the kids, which is totally cheesy but fun. And Star Trek: Voyager with the kids… which is “my” Star Trek – and the first Star Trek series I ever watched. I’m fairly certain it’s also the first tv series I watched with Derek after we got married, I’m pretty sure we watched Voyager before we watched Andromeda, but I can’t remember. We just finished watching TNG with the kids, which I’d seen before and enjoyed watching again, but when we started Voyager… it felt like coming home.

Learning: All the things. Most recently I’ve been re-learning what it means to have discipline with my writing schedule. I’ve been learning how to let myself write messy. I’ve been learning patience… which is a constant, ongoing lesson forever. Continuing to learn daily how to be a good wife and mom and teacher.

~ Future ~

Want To Be Published: Am published! Definitely want to publish more things!

Indie or Traditional: Indie. I mean… I suppose there’s always the consideration of a Big Five publisher offering me a contract… but I don’t know if I’d take it, honestly. I’d want to take a serious look at the contract and make sure that I still got to retain pretty firm control over what I wrote in terms of keeping my content clean and family-friendly.

Wildest Goal: I think it’d be really awesome to have my books turned into a high-budget mini-series. I’d love to have someone like Joss Whedon directing it… but again, I’d want to be involved in some of the big decisions to make sure that it gets done “correctly.”

Mountain Segue

~ Tagging ~

Eleven other bloggers? Seriously? Okay… here goes… most sincerest of apologies if you’ve already been tagged for this, or if you don’t do tags… feel free to ignore either way! But if you DO want to do the tag, I’d LOVE to come read your answers!

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Tracey @Adventure Awaits

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Kendra @Knitted by God’s Plan

Liz @The Ink Lizard

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R.F. Gammon @The Writer’s Song

That’s not eleven. But I don’t think any of the other bloggers I read do tags… and most of the ones I do know are currently on hiatus anyway. But if you wish to steal this tag and do it… I hereby tag YOU! You’re IT!

~ jenelle

Spring 2019 Adventures and Episodes

Adventures& Episodes

Wow, so apparently I don’t do a very good job of a monthly wrap-up post, since the last one of these I wrote was back in September 2018! Sorry about that. Though I have done a couple of monthly-wrap-up type newsletters, so maybe that’s what happened there. Anyway… what’s been going on up here in the frozen north?

Also, it’s May! How did that happen?


Well, so far this year I’ve read 19 books out of the 35 I challenged myself to read over on Goodreads. The most notable reads so far have been…

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 4.08.14 PMScreen Shot 2019-05-01 at 4.08.19 PM


I FINALLY got around to starting Andrew Peterson’s “Wingfeather Saga” – it’s only had characters nominated in EVERY Silmarillion Awards we’ve done, and last year one of the characters even WON a Silmaril… so I figured it was high time I jumped on the bandwagon to see what it’s all about. So far, I’m enjoying the series. It’s not my favorite, but it is enjoyable and humorous.

The Stroke of Eleven is my favorite read so far this year. The third book in the Beaumont and Beasley series, this one is a bit darker than the previous two… and yet also seems to be funnier… not sure if it’s just that the somber tones highlight the humor better? But this is my favorite of the series so far, hands down.

Rothana was a worthy sequel to Halayda, one of my favorite reads of 2017, but I definitely preferred Halayda. I’ll probably do a full review at some point (not that I have time for things like that lately… but I do try).

If Wishes Were Curses by Janeen Ippolito took me by surprise and transported me back to a past era when I went through a vampire-crazy phase (that was before Twilight… back when I was about 12-13 and my favorite book at the time was “My Sister, the Vampire”… so….  yeah…). It was a fun read, and I’m looking forward to the sequel.


Ummm… tries to remember back a ways, what have we watched recently.

Well, of course last weekend we went to see Endgame. But I can’t talk about that. Most enjoyable theatrical experience I’ve had since Avengers 1 came out. A few disappointments, but mostly a fun ride. And that’s all I’ll say about that.


We watched Venom a while back. That was SUPER fun and I love it so much. I haven’t laughed so hard throughout a movie since…. no idea. So fun.

Derek and I have mostly been re-watching Psych.

And Grand Tour… I’ve always said the Top Gear Boys (as I will always think of them) could talk about luggage and it would be entertaining. Well… recently, I was vindicated! Because they DID an episode about luggage, and it was hysterical. Also, if I ever need to flee the country and live off the grid, apparently Mongolia could be a good place to hide.

We’ve been re-watching Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with the kids, and I still maintain that I actually probably like this cartoon better than most of the movies in the MCU. LOL

Oh, we rented Mortal Engines and… I’ll have to do a review on it, but WOW what a perfect example of how eye-candy special effects are NOT all it takes to make a good movie! Disappointed.

We watched Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse and it was a BLAST! Highly recommend! Best Spiderman movie I’ve ever seen. Ever.

And that’s about all we’ve had time for this spring.


Writing this year has started out slow. I wrote a grand total of 1006 words in February, then took the entire month of March off because of the move. I struggled to get back into it in April… my brain still felt like mush. It still does, to be honest… but I did all right and got 18,788 words written in April, which is actually a pretty good month of writing, especially when you take into account how much I was struggling with motivation. This story… my friends! This story is testing the limits of my ability as a writer. Wrapping up this epic adventure is testing my skills every bit as much as Minstrel’s Call did, if not more.

The Write 100 challenge started back up again on April 23rd, so that’s been super helpful in motivating me to get words on the page every day.

My goal is to have the rough draft of this book done by September 1st. Sooner would be nice, but we’ll see how the summer goes.

We’ve been putting together a timeline for how publication for this series is going to play out, and we’ve started contacting cover designers. Have to make some decisions on that… to my readers who share my faith: your prayers for wisdom in this regard would be most appreciated.



Yeah… that… kind of took over our lives. Still is, in many ways. We are settling and adjusting and looking for our new “normal” and trying to figure out which light switches control which lights.

Future Plans

Honestly, with everything going on, I’m probably going to be pretty scarce online for a while. I’m not sure for how long. I’m still hoping to bring back the Silmarillion Awards this year (September was a nice time last year, so that’s my target again this year). And I have a long list of blog post ideas, and a few interviews scheduled, but I’m thinking seriously about cutting back to one blog post a week… at the most. It just takes away so much time and creativity from my actual writing, and I think this is a season where I need to focus more on writing this story and less on blogging. (See above comment about my brain feeling like mush). Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop blogging all together! I love blogging too much for that. But it does mean I need to cut back a bit for a time.

Once I finish Towers of Might and Memory, I will need to dive straight into edits on the entire series. Once that is done, I plan to send the books off to my editors, and then perhaps I will be able to take a break, or work on something else for a while. I have a MUCH smaller project (a stand alone fairy-tale retelling) that is simmering around in the back of my mind. While I was supposed to take March off from all writing, this story attacked my brain and would give me no rest until I did something about it… so the story is actually 75% outlined and I even wrote the first chapter because I just couldn’t stop thinking about it! I’m excited about it, but I have a lot of work to do before I can focus on it!

I also have a small project scheduled for release later this year (hopefully October), and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on that. It’s my first children’s picture book, and I’m soooooo excited about it. More on that closer to the release date, though!

And that’s all I’ve got in terms of updates! I hope your spring is going well! What have you been up to lately? Read any good books or watched any great movies lately? I’d love to hear about them!


~ jenelle