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Hey out there, blogging friends! The Fellowship of Fantasy (and Yours Truly) are releasing our next anthology on October 9th — Paws, Claws, and Magic Tales — our cat-themed fantasy anthology, and we could sure use your help! The powers that be are putting together a blog tour, and we need bloggers like you to sign up and help spread the word!

Specifically, we need some sign-ups for Oct. 2 and 7… apparently those days are not as popular, and they’re feeling all sad and depressed about it.

We try to make it pretty easy on our bloggers, providing pre-made posts or media kits or ARC copies if you’d like to post a review. The nice thing with an anthology is that you can also sign up to post a review of just a SINGLE story in the anthology, and some of the ones in this anthology are Flash Fiction, so not a lot of reading there. On a personal note, I sure would love some reviews of my own story in the anthology, Destined For Greatness!!!

You can sign-up for the blog tour simply by clicking HERE!

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Halfway To Back Again + Drachtober Returns + Short Story Challenge

We’re halfway through the Award Ceremonies for the 3rd Annual Silmaril awards! And what a fun event it’s been. Ugluk threatened everyone, Merry and Pippin set off fireworks, Tom Bombadil regaled us with another epically humorous poem, we spent a lovely afternoon at the Green Dragon with our beloved Samwise, and Bilbo went off adventuring, leaving Frodo in charge, which was absolutely lovely.

This morning, we kick things off with some words of wisdom from Gandalf, and I can’t wait to find out who the rest of this year’s winners are, can you? If you haven’t been following along on and reading the Award Presentations, you should definitely go do that! You won’t want to miss out on the cleverness and hilarity that has been ensuing! I’m keeping a running list of links to each award presentation HERE in case you’ve missed any of these, they have all been fabulously entertaining!

For me, September has been slipping by with a speed I did not think possible! The Silmaril Awards have been a blast, and I’m sad that they are almost over, but I am so grateful to you, dear Readers! You have once again made this event a huge success and so much fun. With dozens of nominations and over 200 votes recorded across the ballots, this year’s Awards have absolutely blown me away.

But there is no rest for the weary, and the fun isn’t over yet, because #DRACHTOBER is just around the corner! Back by popular demand from last year, below you will find the list of dragon-related prompts for October! This year, as a bit of a change, I’m only doing prompts on weekdays. You can play along on Twitter/FB/Instagram/Etc, or feel free to take a prompt or two (or all of them!!!) and make a blog post or several. The only rule…. HAVE FUN!

I am also going to be reviving the SPOOKY story contest for the third time, because it’s a blast… with a couple of slight changes this year:

First of all, this year’s challenge is to write a SPOOKY STORY in under 1,000 words! Yup, flash-fiction time! Instead of a prompt or a line you have to include, the challenge is to write the spookiest story you can in 1,000 words or less.

Second of all, every blogger who accepts the challenge and posts their spooky story before October 31st will receive a PRIZE of an exclusive Behind The Scenes short excerpt from the world of The Minstrel’s Song. Authors will get their pick of 3 options: The Adoption of Kiernan Kane, The Fall of Haeronymous, or the Appendix Of Kiernan and Leila. None of these are polished, but they do give some larger sneak peeks at back-story, and maybe a glimmer of things that occur after the final page has been turned, and all of them have the potential of being polished up at at some point and turned into a volume of “Minstrel’s Tales” at some point, an idea I got after writing DRAGON WARD for the Mythical Doorways anthology.

So put your thinking caps on! I’ll be posting the rules and linky-list sign-up on October 1st.

Here is the graphic and list of prompts for #Drachtober

#Drachtober2018 (1)

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The Silmaril Awards 2018: Least Competent Henchman Award Ceremony


The ballroom has seen better days. Window dressings hang limply from curtain rods which sag in the middle, drooping with age and weariness. Ancient chandeliers hang down from the ceiling, their lightbulbs flickering occasionally. The audience shifts in their mis-matched chairs, possibly with anticipation of the ceremony about to begin, but more likely from discomfort and a desire to leave this place as soon as possible.

The rickety old boards of the stage creak loudly under my feet as I cross to the microphone.

“Is this thing on?” There is a loud shriek of feedback and the audience cowers, hands clapping over their ears. The sound-guy in the back works the board frantically then waves the “all clear.”

“Sorry about that, folks!” I grin. “Good henchmen are hard to find, after all!” Nervous laughter ripples throughout the room. “I know it’s not the nicest location, but it’s what we have to work with this year. Thank you so much for joining me as we open up the 2018 Silmaril Award Ceremonies!”

Applause fills the room.

“Here to present the award for Least Competent Henchman is the great standard of Least Competent Henchmen himself, the mighty, the ferocious Uruk’hai…. UGLUK!”

Ugluk strides menacingly across the stage and I back away slowly.

“Welcome, Ugluk!”

The Uruk’hai pushes me out of the way and leans over the mic, his sword held up menacingly in one hand. “Why have I been summoned AGAIN?” He snarls, revealing his sharp teeth. “I thought last year was a one-time thing.”

“Oh… no… this is an annual thing. That means every year.”

Ugluk stares at me. “I have to do this…. a lot? Will there be man-flesh at the snack bar this year, at least?”

“Um… no… and I think Kyle asked you last year not to mention that… remember?”

Ugluk snarls in disgust and rips open the envelope like he’s hoping to find something to eat inside. He stares at the five slips of paper for a long moment. Then glances up at a rotund audience member in the front row and licks his slimy lips.

He snarls. “Five again? Is that some sort of stupid rule? I hate rules.” Without waiting for an answer he continues. “Ridiculous creature named DOBBY. 28 votes.” He tosses the paper on the ground.

Dobby leaps onto his chair and begins dancing about congratulating all of his fans for being the best, most wonderful, most loyal of friends.

“Um, no, you’re supposed to go in order…” I begin, but Ugluk raises his sword and glares at me. “Uh… never mind.”

“SHUT UP!” Ugluk roars at the audience. “Wizard. Wizards are worthy foes. Not this one, though. ANTORELL! 13 votes. Miserable creature.” Ugluk snorts.

Antorell draws himself up and seems to consider casting a spell, but Ugluk’s menacing snarl terrifies him into a semblance of wisdom (perhaps the only time he will ever experience such a thing) and he flees in disgrace.

Ugluk spits on the floor and I wince. “Next, aha! A general! Mighty leader of men! GENERAL KHRAK!” Ugluk pauses. “12 votes. Bah! Puny general.”

The audience gives a half-hearted cheer… unsure if they should clap or not for such an announcement. General Khrak stands up, knocking over his chair, glares around at everyone, and storms from the room.

“Two left.” Ugluk stares at the two cards and then whirls to face me, his face contorted into an impressive grimace of outrage. “A DONKEY! What mockery is this?” he bellows into my face, brandishing his sword with each word. “Bah!” He throws the paper on the floor.

I pick up the paper before it teeters off the edge of the stage. “Yes, Puzzle came in second place with 74 votes,” I say, trying to ignore the angry Uruk’hai next to me, not an easy feat, let me tell you!

Puzzle cowers under his chair, nervously chewing on one of Dobby’s socks and makes no reply.

Ugluk grits his teeth. “FEZZIK WINS!”

Fezzik leaps out of his chair and lumbers up onto the stage. “I AM THE DREAD PIRATE ROBERTS! THERE WILL BE NO SURVIVORS!” he bellows. The effect is slightly lessened by the fact that one of his feet goes right through the stage floor and it takes him a minute to pull it free.

Ugluk stares up at the seven-foot giant, and for the first time, something like respect glints in his eyes.

“At last,” he mutters, “a real henchman. Tell me, how many have you defeated in battle?”

Cattle. Fezzik’s brow furrows. “I don’t think I can count that high,” he says earnestly. “But I specialize in beating up groups and gangs for local charities.”

A wash of confusion glazes Ugluk’s eyes. “Hmmm. What weapon do you use?”

“These are what I usually choose.” Fezzik holds up his hands.

“No weapons?” Now Ugluk is REALLY impressed. “You will serve the Dark Lord!”

Fezzik does not seem to realize he has just been offered a job, for he is still talking. “As God intended. No tricks, no weapons, skill against skill alone.” Fezzik beams. “Sportsmanlike.”

Ugluk’s esteem dims. “Sportsmanlike.” He spits the word in disgust. “Whatever.” He has lost interest in the entire proceeding. With a jerk of his hand, he tosses the Silmaril at Fezzik. “Take it. I must report to my master!”

Fezzik catches the jewel in one hand as Ugluk stomps away. Fezzik stares at the Silmaril in awe.

henchman-medallion-silmaril-award.The audience, released from fear with the absence of the overwhelming presence of the Uruk’hai, leaps to their feet and applauds and cheers for Fezzik. He glances up shyly, and a smile breaks across his face.

I step forward to congratulate him. “I’m sorry the Silmaril is a little cracked… dragon mail is rather unreliable these days, you know. By the way, if you thought working for Vizzini was bad, you REALLY wouldn’t like working for Ugluk’s master.”

Fezzik bends down to shake my hand. “Are they cheering for me?” he whispers.

I nod. “They love you!”

Something glitters in Fezzik’s eye. But it surely couldn’t be a tear. He stands tall and bellows, “I AM THE DREAD PIRATE ROBERTS! THERE WILL BE NO SURVIVORS!”

A hush falls.

Then the cheering and laughing and clapping erupts even louder than ever.

I grin and take the mic. “Thank you all for coming. That went rather well, all things considered. Please feel free to grab some snacks and congratulate our winner of this year’s LEAST COMPETENT HENCHMAN award!”


Don’t forget to stop by the other Award Presentations, which will happen one per weekday 9/17 – 9/28 – I will add to the list until all the ceremonies have been completed!

Most Mischievous Imp

Strangest Character

Most Faithful Friend

Silver Tongue

Wisest Counselor

Most Nefarious Villain

Most Epic Hero

Most Epic Heroine

Most Magnificent Dragon

~ jenelle

Tolkien Parties Galore

Good afternoon, dear Reader!

First and foremost, if you have NOT voted for your favorites in the Silmaril Awards, please make sure you go do that RIGHT NOW! Friday (9/14) is the last day to vote, and the polls close at midnight!

Now that you’ve cast your ballot (or if you already had before coming to read this post), we can talk about some other things.

Such as the schedule for the Silmaril Award Ceremonies! Over the next two weeks, we’ll be posting one award ceremony a day so that you can see who the 2018 Silmaril Winners are! I’m so excited. I think this year’s voting form was the hardest one yet to choose from, but I’m excited to find out who the winners were in each category:

Monday 17 - Least Competent Henchman (right here on my little blog…. and with the henchmen getting so out of control earlier this week, who knows WHAT will happen come Monday?!)
Tuesday 18 – Most Mischievous Imp @Regarding Reading and Writing
Wednesday 19 – Strangest Character @Imagine~Dream~Explore
Thursday 20 – Most Loyal Friend @Inspiring Writes
Friday 21 – Silver Tongue @DJ Edwardson

Monday 24 – Wisest Counselor @Road of a Writer
Tuesday 25 – Most Nefarious Villain @Kyle Robert Shultz
Wednesday 26 – Most Epic Hero @Author E.E. Rawls
Thursday 27 – Most Epic Heroine @Short and Snappy
Friday 28 – Most Magnificent Dragon @Adventure Awaits

Make sure to check those out!

Now, a few other fun Tokien-themed things are happening about the blogosphere in the next couple of weeks, and I wanted to make sure you are all aware of them!


To a Tolkien Blog Party!  The marvelous Rachel Kovaciny, author of the award-winning Sleeping Beauty retelling: “Man on a Buckskin Horse” and the newly released “Dancing and Doughnuts” is hosting her SIXTH annual Tolkien Blog party in a few weeks, and I think it goes so nicely with the Silmaril Awards, that I just had to make sure you all knew about it!

Tolkien Party Rivendell 2 2018

There will be games, a tag, a book review or two, and a giveaway! For more details, check out THIS BLOG POST.


The Tolkien Tribe is running #HobbitWeek over on Instagram as a fun week of prompts for pictures, captions, stories, or comments that you can participate in the week of September 17 – 23.

I’ll just post here what they have to say about this event:

At long last, #HobbitWeek is upon us once again! And the #TolkienTribe has of course put together a series of Middle-earth prompts to accompany you all through these upcoming seven long days of celebration! 
We tried to choose simple, easy, mostly generic prompts to allow everyone to participate or contribute with pictures, Stories, captions and comments as they see fit, but also brand new ones that we hadn’t already proposed to you either during TolkienWeek or MiddleEarthMarch 
The most important week in the Shire starts next Monday, September 17th, and it ends on #ShireSunday, September 23rd.
On September 21st there will be the 81st anniversary of ‘The Hobbit’s publication, and as you all know a certain Long-expected Party (otherwise known as #HobbitDay) will take place the next day, September 22nd! 
Remember to tag and/or mention the @tolkientribe and #HobbitWeek in your photos so that we can see them and spread the festive atmosphere throughout bookstagram and beyond!
If you have any further doubts or questions, you can of course contact us and we’ll do our best to make this experience as fun and enjoyable as possible for you! 
So then! Gather your own Fellowship and get your taters ready, ’cause I have a feeling it’s gonna be a blast as always! Meet you all at the Green Dragon for a nice celebratory pint! 

The prompts:
Monday 17 – Favorite Valar/Maiar
Tuesday 18 – Weapons/Magical Artifacts
Wednesday 19 – Favorite Theme/Subplot
Thursday 20 – Creature/Magical Species
Friday 21 – “The Hobbit” 81st Anniversary
Saturday 22 – Happy Birthday, Bilbo and Frodo! – Favorite Non-Middle-Earth Tolkien book/story, OR Tolkien-related book not written by him
Saturday 23 – Tolkien Words to Live By



~ jenelle