Poetry Corner: Dazzling Darkness

Dazzling Darkness 1-11-01

There is a darkness in my soul
Where brightness used to flicker
Left is just an empty hole
That now grows dark and darker.

The foaming, empty sea is full
Of what confuses me
Both deep and dark yet light and shallow
Perhaps it holds the key.

Emotions wash over my heart
Love and hate, joy and sorrow;
Light and dark, leaving battle scars
Fighting to win over my soul.

Near comes a diamond glow
Piercing the heart of me
Bursting into my soul
Leaving me empty of me.

The darkness terrifies my heart
Yet I run to its embrace
With light peeking into my eyes
I stare at the dark, ugly face.

Enthralled and in horror I realize
The face is none but my own
Under the witness of stormy skies
I battle myself alone.

Darkness so bright it blinds me
I dash down the grim, haunted road
The world seems ghastly and empty
I shiver alone in the cold.

Long lonely shadows are all I hold
As I peer at the path ahead
Horror creeps into my soul
As I realize, I am dead.

Then, out of the sky, a scarrèd hand
Reaches down to comfort me;
Lifting me up, helping me stand
Leaving me pure and clean.
~Jenelle Schmidt

~ jenelle

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