Maple Queen


When Autumn comes, she cries

And her tears are crimson and gold,

They drop to the frosty Earth

And lie there in the cold.

All through the long winter

Months she stands

Her arms are outstretched and frozen,

Bony are her lovely hands,

Deathlike, encased in crystal bands.

But when the Spring bursts forth

Her death is proven false

She bends in the wind once more

Cloaking herself in living green.

She swings me up in her arms,

I climb upon her shoulders,

In her hands I am sheltered from harm,

And with her I lack all fear.

Lifelike, clothed in elegant charm.

Though she towers above me

With queenly grace 

And holds me high above the ground,

I fear none while in her embrace

She will not let



~ jenelle

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