The misty myth-realm

                                   that is mired in mystery

Haunts my dreams

                                   in the darkness of day.

Sunlight slivers down

                                   slipping away swiftly,

Then tangled twilight

                                   twists its way into night

And murky moonlight

                                   makes my dreams seem real.

Dragons mount up

                                   on dreaded wings of death;

Flaming fire leaps

                                   from their throats,

Their harrowing screams

                                   fill my heart with horror.

Then Gryphons glide

                                   on wings of grace

Across the blue-black sky,

                                   their bodies bathed in starlight.

Frolicking through my fears

                                   the gentle Pegasus in flight

Casts out my terror, 

                                   tossing her tangled mane

And crying out a challenge;

                                   she calls me to come

Soar across the sky

                                   touch the stars of light.

Far up I fly,

                                   into the faintly lit constellations. 

Dancing in the dark

                                   I drink from the Dippers,

And I hunt with Orion,

                                   but all too soon, I must head home.

Then I laugh out loud

                                   for letting 

My imagination

                                   make me so afraid at first.

The clouds part, cut

                                   away by starlight, casting

Away the mysterious 

                                   myth-realm of my dreams.

Reality rises out of the night

                                   I re-awaken to face the morning. 

~ jenelle



High praise, indeed! Thanks!

I wish I could remember what this style is called… it was for a class… I’m sure I could look it up.


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