Let me start off by throwing a couple of disclaimers out there.

1. I do not take requests for reviews. I may pick up the occasional ARC, but those are few and far between, and only if I absolutely cannot wait for a book I’ve been excited about for a while.

2. I am in no way an authority. If I review a book, it’s because it left an impression of some kind, or it is something super popular that I read and then felt like giving my opinion on it. Let me state that again: MY OPINION. My opinion mostly sticks to story, characters, and my general reaction to a book. Often this is linked to the author’s style/voice and how well-written a book is, but you’ll rarely see me mention those things in my reviews. What I review is the story – not the composition. I am not, and do not claim to be, a professional reviewer, and honestly my opinion means very little in the grand scheme of things.

However, I love reading. It’s one of the things I am best at in this world, and also one of the things I enjoy most. And I have opinions. Opinions I occasionally share on this blog. Just because I like/dislike a book in no way means that book is inherently excellent or horrible, nor does it mean that you have to agree with me. I have many wonderful friends who don’t even enjoy the same genres, let alone the same books, as I do… and we manage to get along splendidly.

That being said, I thought it was high time I put together an “official” looking review policy. And, thanks to the generosity of my author-friend DJ, I even have snazzy graphics to include on this policy! Which is awesome!

So, without further ado, my review policy:

dragonEgg5starFive Dragon Eggs: I LOVED this book. It made me laugh and/or cry when I was reading it, and I cannot get it out of my head. I will own it, re-read it, recommend it without reservation, and definitely buy the sequel if there is one – sequels are at the top of my TBR pile! This is a book that absolutely blew me away and sucked me in the entire time I was reading it. If a book makes it to my “recommended reads” page, it is probably worthy of this rating.

dragonEgg4starFour Dragon Eggs: I really liked this book. I will probably own it, re-read it, and recommend it. There may be some minor reservations about recommending it, or it just didn’t have that intangible “X-Factor” which causes the 4 instead of 5 egg rating. I am definitely interested in any sequels that may be coming, and those sequels are near the top of my TBR pile… especially if this is the first book in a series or a new book by a new author, as I know authors tend to get better the more books they write, and thus I am fully expecting later books in the series to be 5-dragon-egg material. 4 Dragon Eggs are also worthy of being on my “Recommended Reads” page.

dragonEgg3starThree Dragon Eggs: There was a lot about this book that was likable. I enjoyed the read, but for some reason it just didn’t capture me. I may or may not be interested in a sequel – but it’s not near the top of my TBR pile. I might recommend it because I recognize the story or characters were solid, but perhaps they simply weren’t my cup of tea.

dragonEgg2starTwo Dragon Eggs: This is where the big jump occurs… Meh. Really didn’t enjoy this book, and if I made it all the way to the end, then nothing about the end redeemed the story. Don’t recommend it, definitely wouldn’t buy it, don’t care about the sequel.

dragonEgg1starOne Dragon Egg: Pretty much disliked the entire thing. Nothing about the story was compelling, didn’t like any of the characters, felt that the plot was boring, too predictable, cliche, etc. I recommend AGAINST reading it. Most likely something about the story was offensive.

dragonEgg0starZero Dragon Eggs: Absolutely could not finish this book for one reason or another.

~ jenelle


DJ Edwardson

As I said, before, I love the Dragon Egg system you’ve got going. Very flavorful. And I also like the caveats you put in at the beginning. Reviewing is a tricky business and highly personal so not everyone will like every book. I know people who don’t like the Lord of the Rings which I cannot fathom, but such are the vagaries of life.

Looking forward to your future “Dragon Egg” reviews!

John Wiswell

As honest as any scale. I avoid star ratings in everything but my Goodreads account, where they’ve broken them down to simple quotes. “I didn’t like it,” “It was okay,” etc. One is almost always accurate, so I click it. It’s the text of my review that matters, and the same shall go for yours, milady. As it always should be.


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