Ring Around the Rose: In a Dragon’s Lair

Welcome back to another ringing round of the roses. Today’s question is for all you dragon-lovers out there!

Ring around the Rose

How would you go about talking a dragon out of eating you, especially if no weapons were available?

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And now, on to my own answer:Cearaphiym1

Not that weapons would do me any good, seeing as how I don’t actually know how to use any of them. I did some archery at a camp once, and would love to do it more often, but never got around to it. I took some VERY basic (and not at all formal) fencing lessons for a class project in high school. So, even if weapons were available, I would probably still try to talk my way out of being eaten.

Specifically, I would offer to read it stories. When confronted by something as cunning and vast as a dragon, one should definitely play to one’s own strengths, and reading is mine. I’m sure that turning pages would be difficult for a dragon – claws and fiery breath and all that – and getting someone to stick around long enough to read it books would probably not be the sort of ad many people would be hunting through the classifieds to answer!

I’m sure most dragons love stories as much as they love riddles, and I’m pretty good at reading out loud. I do all the voices and read dramatically. In fact, this very week I’m reading stories to a large group of five-year olds every day, which is a little like reading to a dragon. I think the dragon would be pleased enough with my reading to let me go on for a while, several books, at least. Then I’d offer to read it an excerpt or two of my own book, and hopefully convince it that I’m far too talented to eat! Especially since it won’t be able to find out how the story ends if it eats me!

How about you, dear Reader? How would you convince a dragon not to eat you?

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DJ Edwardson

Ha ha, I love your comment about how reading to dragons and five year olds is not that different! Some of those little tikes do indeed seem capable of eating one alive!

As for me, I think I’d go the bardic route. I play guitar and sing and that is something I think a dragon would have a hard time coming by otherwise. Eventually, I’d work in something rather soothing and then hopefully it would nod off and allow me to escape it’s lair… It’s perhaps an old trick, but still a good one!

Allan James

If you really have the Dragon’s attention…………and it is obvious that he wants to hear your own stories…….you can simply say…………I need to go home and get them……..and I’ll be right back….especially at “twilight” when they aren’t thinking as clearly as they might.


Good idea! I love reading everyone else’s responses, too (both in the comments and the other Five Enchanted Rose people!). As for me… maybe I would sing some opera at the dragon and hope it shatters his ear drums so he’s in too much pain to eat me.


It looks like our ways of dealing with dragons are a little similar :) It might get tiring to do all that reading, though!


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!