Ring Around the Rose: First Stories and Pixar

Can you believe it is July already? June sped by so swiftly. I hope your summer is going well. We’ve been so busy with tae-kwon-do, Super Summer Adventure at our church, and everything else, I’ve barely had time to breathe! I took some time off from editing (a bit of a summer break, as it were) but now I’m back in the swing of things, working steadily towards releasing Yorien’s Hand later this year! Get excited!

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Ring around the Rose


What is the first story you ever wrote?

I’m not sure it’s the FIRST story I ever wrote, but it very easily could be. The date on it says I was only 6 (almost seven) at the time, how much could I really have written before that? It’s a very short story, with four very short chapters (with extremely original titles)! I found this in a box in the attic and thought you might enjoy me sharing the entire story with you… (bear in mind, it was type-written, so I’m guessing I either wrote it by hand and my mom transposed it, or I dictated it… not sure which. Hope you enjoy it:

My Brother, Evan (Nov. 4, 1988)

Chapter 1: Evan’s Day 1

“Evan, you come here now.” That’s all I hear. Granty’s always calling him. “Evan, you come here!” And I’m always calling him. “Evan, you come here!” He just sits and smiles, but he never even thinks about it. Sometimes he never even comes! But I love him still. Sometimes he wants me to hold him and sometimes Granty tries to hold him. Evan laughs and sometimes says, “Dah!” He’s always saying “Daah-dah-dah-dah-dah.” And he’s a cutie.

Chapter 2: Evan’s Day 2

Evan crawls and Evan wants to walk. And Evan says, “I want to walk. Will you please teach me? I took a step today, but I want to take TWO! I wish I were one, then I could walk. I wish I could walk because I want to be like BIG SISTER and BIG BROTHER. And like Mommy and Daddy. I don’t want to crawl anymore, I could run and play. I could go outside and not stay indoors. And when I’m one I’ll do everything I can because I want to be BIG. And when I’m two I’ll open doors because I’m silly. And when I’m three I’ll run everywhere.”

Chapter 3: Evan’s Day 3

Evan is one now. He wants to be big, like he said in the second chapter. He wants to type the computer now. I don’t know what has got into him. He’s silly. And now he says, “Jenelley do this” and “Jenelley do that.” He wants to walk up the stairs! But Mommy says, “NO!” She says, “You’re too little.” And now Evan says, “I want to type on the computer.” But Daddy says, “NO! This is Grandpa’s computer and we don’t want to wreck it.” And Evan says, “Why?! Everybody tells me NO! I don’t think I’ve heard a YES at all! I wish I were seven months old still. Being one is no fun at all. I know I can play in the sandbox, but there’s snow on the ground and Mommy says it’s too cold to play outdoors.”

Chapter 4: Desk Day

Evan, you silly little boy. Yesterday you’ve done it and today you’ve done it too. You messed up Mommy’s desk and you know it, too. I remember when you were eight months old. We knew this day would come. I wonder if when you’re three you’ll have a little sense! And I wonder why, “Oh, when will you grow up?” Because you’ve messed up our room and I just picked it up! When will you be six and help pick up the room? Because Granty and I just picked up and you had to go walking around and mess up everything! But I still love YOU! Good-bye, Evan.”

The End



I’ve been telling stories since I could talk. I grew up in a house built on books and stories, how could I not turn around and make up my own? When I was in Jr. High, I co-wrote a very silly story with a friend about two puppies named Rogtu and Scamper and the adventures they had. Later, I wrote a novel called “Snake Dancer” for that friend as a birthday present. It involved two orphan sisters who ran away from their orphanage, hid in the woods, built a log cabin, discovered a wild horse – which they tamed – and eventually went on to win the Triple Crown with that horse. I don’t think any copies of that story still exist, but I wish I had one. In high school another friend and I co-authored a space opera, which was a blast. I still play around with it sometimes when I have nothing else to do. It will most likely never see the light of day, but it is very dear to me, in spite of its many flaws.

As I told Kaycee the other day: my old stories make me cringe a little, but only because I know nobody else would appreciate them. If I think about them just for myself, they make me smile – because every one of them was a stepping stone to the author I am today. I love those old stories, but I don’t want them to be mocked by anyone else.

 What is your favorite Pixar movie? (and why?)

My favorite Pixar movie… that’s a tough one. I love the Toy Story movies, all three of them. UP! was fantastic. Monsters Inc and Monsters University were both wonderful, entertaining, and clever. Finding Nemo was heart wrenching and adventurous and humorous…

but my favorite Pixar movie by far has been, is, and remains: The Incredibles. Why? Because it continues to be the one Pixar movie I can watch over and over again and not get tired of. I love the family dynamic, the epic characters, the story, the humor, and the fact that it brings me to tears in several places, every single time I watch it. It’s my favorite.

Which Pixar movie is YOUR favorite, dear Reader?

Tomorrow, don’t forget to swing over to Dorian’s blog and find out the all important answer to the Pixar movie question!

~ jenelle


DJ Edwardson

Hmm…you know as much as I’ve enjoyed Pixar films over the years none of them really have stuck with me. I suppose I’d have to say Toy Story 3 just because it was a surprisingly moving film, especially the ending.

I do think Pixar has lost a little of their cinematic swagger with Frozen and Big Hero Six besting anything Pixar has put out of late. But they really pioneered computer animated films and created a great body of work during the 90′s and early 00′s.


I think they were great up through 2007, but then they took a major tumble in 08 with Wall-E (can I just take a moment to express how much I dislike that movie?) they kept going for “how little do we need to tell a good story?” and Wall-E was too little… and the agenda of the movie annoyed me. However, they redeemed themselves with UP (I know a lot of people only liked the first 5 minutes, but I enjoyed the whole movie) and then Toy Story 3. They fumbled around a bit again with Cars 2 and Brave (another couple of Pixar disappointments as far as I’m concerned), but Monsters University was super cute.

One thing I’ve always noticed about the difference between Pixar and Disney cartoons, Pixar has great stories and excellent characters and fantastic animation… but Disney has the MUSIC. And in recent years, as you said, they have stepped up their game in story, animation, and characters, giving Pixar a run for their money. (Of course, since Disney’s owned Pixar for the past 9 years I’m not sure there’s really any actual competition anymore…)

DJ Edwardson

I think I’m one of the few people who likes Wall-E. It’s not the best thing ever, but I enjoy it even with all it’s quirks. I think Ratatouille is the one sort of head scratcher for me. It’s kind of the forgotten Pixar movie and for a good reason. It was “ok” but certainly isn’t the same caliber as most of the other Pixar films.

I also enjoyed UP and found it quite moving. Lots of heart in that film.

A Pixar release used to mean an automatic trip to the theater for me and it just no longer is. I may try to see them on video but Brave, for example, is one I still haven’t even seen and have no desire to. I do think you’re right that the Disney/Pixar distinction isn’t all that meaningful anymore as I’m sure there is a lot of cross pollination between the two studios, but since they continue to release titles under the two names, it’s interesting to compare the differences.

You’re right that nobody can touch Disney when it comes to music and the Pixar in general has had more carefully crafted stories, but there were some really nice moments in Big Hero Six and no musical scenes at all in that one.

By the way, I also love the Incredibles. They seriously need to make a sequel for it!

Kaycee Browning

Aww, your first story was so cute! MUCH better writing that I had at age 6! When I was 7, I kept a diary, but it is not legible because any word I did not know how to spell I just put a big black dot. So it kinda reads “Today I went to (DOT) (DOT) (DOT). I had fun. My (DOT) was there. And then (DOT) and (DOT) did (DOT) (DOT) (DOT).”


And I LOVE ‘The Incredibles’! I hope the sequel lives up to the first one.

And I was reading the above comments and YES! I’m SO GLAD I FOUND SOMEONE ELSE WHO DISLIKES WALL-E! That is the one Pixar I genuinely don’t like. I didn’t care either way for Up or Ratatouille. I actually like Brave… as long as I don’t think of it as a Pixar movie. I just pretend it’s a Disney or Dreamworks film and then it is perfectly enjoyable. :P


:) that’s super cute about the dots! :)

I’m pretty sure I dictated this to my mom or something, because I was an atrocious speller until I was in about 8th grade.

Ratatouille is Derek’s favorite, but if I think about it too much it totally creeps me out… so it’s hard to enjoy. Up hits me where I live, with the whole miscarriage thing. And Brave… I have issues with Brave. :)

But Wall-E totally irritated me.


It’s been fun reading all these Ring Around the Rose posts. That story is super cute. :) The Incredibles is awesome and I can’t wait for the sequel! Wall-E I really didn’t like at all…


Thanks so much! I think we’ve all had fun with this series, I know I have. :) Thanks for swinging by and commenting.


Chuckling over “We knew this day would come.” xD Old stories are so much fun to read.
The Incredibles are incredible. I think my favorite is Ratatouille or Monsters University. Finding Nemo and A Bug’s Life and The Incredibles are close seconds, though!


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!