Rooglewood, Marvel, and MBTI, Oh MY!

In which I reveal my MBTI type, talk about some favorites, and reminisce over the best moments in my authorial quest so far!


0:35 – What is my MBTI type?
3:13 – Favorite Rooglewood Press Book (besides Five Enchanted Roses)
4:28 – Favorite childhood books that continue to inspire me today
7:21 – Favorite type of weather
8:52 – Proudest moment as an author
9:32 – Which Marvel Movie is my favorite?
11:11 – What am I currently reading?
12:10 – Some of my most fun memories as an author

~ jenelle


DJ Edwardson

I’m with you on Myer’s Briggs. I can usually see both sides of a question. On any given day I might lean one way or the other. Having said that, I have heard about using it for writing and I made a stab at it with my own characters, but again, they didn’t always fit neatly into one category or another.

That is such a neat story about “He Whistles for the Cricket.” I didn’t realize it was written so long ago (since it’s only recently been published). I loved it as well. What a blessing and what a gift that you had that to grow up with. I recently read “Where the Fern Grows” for the first time and I got a similar feeling from reading both books. They give readers a window into a time and places mostly forgotten and they capture the wonder and innocence of growing up and discovering the world in such a refreshing, beautiful way.

And I can’t wait to hear the Minstrel’s Call song. I, too, am amazed at how the circles of art and Providence have worked in bringing it about. God truly is *the* Author and the rest of our stories are just pale imitations of His.


Hehe, yeah. People aren’t JUST their MBTI type. It can be a good tool for 1) understanding people and 2) figuring out what a character MIGHT do in a certain situation… knowing my characters “type” helps me keep them consistent… but one also has to allow for spontaneity and circumstances that will cause a person/character to act in unexpected ways, as well… that makes them feel more “Real.”

Ooh, I could write a blog post about that.

Where the Red Fern Grows is one of my all-time favorites!! Makes me cry, though.

Brittany said the album should be coming out next October… and maybe we can even schedule some events/coordinated promos around that next year! I’m excited :)

Christine Smith

These are always so enjoyable! I looooooove the MBTI but yeah, not everyone fits into a single personality. I’m half and half on the N and S myself. So I’m an ENFJ, but also an ESFJ. Because, well, humans are complicated. xD

“You carry with you the books that you’ve read.” YESSSS. That is so, so true. I really enjoyed your answer to that question. I wouldn’t be who I am today if not for all the books I read as a child. They’re so important to me. And that is so special about He Whistles for the Cricket. ^_^

Oh man, what you said about summer weather is so painfully true. Summers from March to October–yeppp. I hate southern weather ugh. Give me ALL the cold weather please!

And that is SO sweet about your sister making a song for Minstrel’s Call and how all that came about!!


I’m so glad somebody is enjoying them!!!

Yeah… I tend to go with IXXX… but people don’t always believe me. LOL

Eee! I’m glad that resonated with you! I seriously wouldn’t be the person I am today without all the books I read and had read to me as a kid… especially the books my parents read TO me… they shaped so so much about me.

Yeah… summers in the South were rough on me. I’m super happy to live in Wisconsin where summers are short and sweet.

Thanks! I’m super excited for her to roll out this next CD so I can help introduce the world to that particular song!

Madeline J. Rose

Oh man…now I wanna watch through all the MCU character arcs…XD Also, the Thor movies are totally my favorite of the franchise! Thor Ragnarok is one of my most favorite movies of all time. :D


Thor is awesome! And I definitely want to watch through the various character arcs, too. It was such a different experience and I wasn’t expecting it to be that way, so… very cool.


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