Second Son Read Along: Chapter 18

Second Son Read Along

I hope you are enjoying February is Fantasy Month!

Today we join Brant and Arnaud as they travel home and have to tell Aunt Euphie and Uncle Barr about the results of the Naming Ceremony. Let’s go find out what they’re up to!

Kiernan Kane

He’s kind of been popping up all over the place in this book, hasn’t he? The wandering minstrel certainly seems to always be in the right place at the right time…

Back Home

Brant and Arnaud reach home and begin regaling Arnaud’s aunt and uncle with details about their trip. We see that Brant has a bit of a sense of humor after all, and then… Arnaud drops the bombshell.

But before we can find out how everyone reacts… the author goes and switches scenes on us!

She’s kind of notorious for that…

New Characters!

Here we get a glimpse into the life of four sisters: Calyssia, Dylanna, Leila, and Zara. Each one with their own unique personality and strengths, I hope you got at least a bit of a feel for each of them in this short scene. You’ll get to know them a bit better later on in the story. Weaving them into the story was a lot of fun. You meet each of them in King’s Warrior, as well, but they play some very different roles in that story. One of the best things about writing a prequel is being able to go back and delve into the back stories of ALL the characters and get to show them younger and less mature and in different roles!

The announcement

Much to Arnaud’s surprise, his aunt and uncle AREN’T surprised. Of course they knew his heritage, though they never dreamed it would actually lead him to the throne someday. My siblings joke that “Euphie” and “Barr” are the worst names I ever gave to a set of characters. But just like books, you can’t judge them solely by their titles. Do you have a Euphie or a Barr in your life? A parent or mentor figure who has loved, supported, and encouraged you? I hope so. Everyone needs someone like that in their lives. Arnaud would certainly be a very different sort of person without them.

But the more important part of this section is that Arnaud reveals to Brant that he is pretty sharp. He hasn’t forgotten the strange circumstances that led to them meeting, nor did Brant’s behavior on their trip and in the palace go unnoticed. However, Arnaud’s trust in Brant is also complete, and he does not press his friend for answers.

This loyalty does not go unnoticed by Brant, and he determines to stay by Arnaud’s side and help him in any way that he can. He even returns to his training regimen after dark so that he can be ready for anything Arnaud might need.

Time passes and Arnaud turns 21. The celebration preparations consume the family and the day arrives… but with it comes Scelwhyn with the somber news that King Jairem has died and Aom-igh needs her new king to take his place on the throne.

Discussion Questions:

1. How do you celebrate your birthday?
2. What do you think of the four wizardess-sisters?
3. Did you have a favorite moment in this chapter?

~ jenelle


Sarah Pennington

1. At home — we do presents and go out to eat, and my mom makes a cake and a special meal of the birthday person’s choice. Here at college . . . someone usually bakes something, and the last two years I’ve gone to a dance showcase the day of or the day after. College birthdays are not terribly exciting. :P
2. I think they’re potentially interesting. I’m mostly trying to remember who each was in King’s Warrior.
3. Not exactly a single moment, but I enjoyed Brant being sneaky about his past.

Jill Stengl

1. These past two years I’ve had a gourmet dinner cooked by my daughter and son-in-law! And usually my far-away kids call me on or around the day. Sometimes my siblings too. I get rather spoiled, on the whole.
2. I have dim memories of the sisters–looking forward to having those memories revived!
3. I appreciated Arnaud’s care for his aunt and uncle, and the way he’s been noticing things about Brant’s behavior when Brant thought he was hiding things.

Nancy Jean Walker

1. Because my youngest of four children was born on my birthday, we celebrate our birthday together; we may go out to eat, nothing fancy, just a change of pace. My other adult children may give me a call or we’ll video chat.
2. Since I’ve read the other 3 books in the Minstrel’s Song series, I enjoy revisiting the stories of the earlier days of these 4 sisters. It’s fun to see how unaware they are of their future relationships that will develop with the other characters. :)
3. I enjoy seeing Brant lighten up once in awhile and show that he can enjoy a good laugh. (In describing their trip: “Well…we ran into a few bandits who tried to take our horses, and then we were attacked by this dragon who wanted to eat us…”) :)


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!